$100K Student Loans – Application Begins!

Looking for a $100K Student Loans based on your future earnings then look no further MPOWER Student loan is for you. An international student loan with MPOWER is an easy and affordable way to fund your education on your own. MPOWER loans help support your independence since we never require a cosigner or collateral. 

The loan offers the following features:

  • Loans from US$2,001 to US$100,000
  • Fixed and competitive interest rates that will never increase
  • Earn a discount on your interest rate
  • Quick conditional loan offer 
  • No prepayment penalty 
  • Students supported at 400+ U.S. and Canadian schools 
  • Visa support
  • Career development guidance and resources on the topics that matter most to international students

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Based on your qualifications, you may meet the requirements for an MPOWER student loan if you fall into any of the following categories:

  1. An undergraduate or graduate student who is within two years of graduating or is about to begin a one or two-year program.
  2. An international student, DACA recipient, U.S. citizen, refugee, or asylum-seeker.
  3. Accepted to or currently enrolled in one of the 400+ approved schools in the United States or Canada as recognized by MPOWER.

These criteria establish the eligibility for an MPOWER student loan, which can provide financial support to students in pursuing their education.

Terms & Conditions

MPOWER student loans offer a range of benefits that extend beyond just financial assistance for students. These benefits include:

  1. No out-of-pocket fees: You won’t have to pay any additional fees upfront, and you can delay your first payment until you reach the interest-only loan period.
  2. Funding for all education expenses: MPOWER can provide financial support covering up to 100% of your education costs, including living expenses, if you are attending a school in the United States.
  3. Visa support and career services: MPOWER offers assistance with the visa process, which can be valuable for international students. Additionally, you can access career services to support your professional development.
  4. Building a U.S. credit history: By making timely payments on your MPOWER student loan, you have the opportunity to establish and build a credit history in the United States, which can be beneficial for your future financial endeavors.

These benefits reflect the comprehensive support that MPOWER student loans provide to students, empowering them to pursue their education without unnecessary financial burdens.

How to Apply

  • Apply for our no-cosigner loans to study in the U.S. and Canada.
  • Get your passport ready! You’ll need it for a faster application process.
  • It should only take about 20 minutes to complete our application.