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Here are the ongoing organizations hiring near you today.


1. UN Jobs Vacancies World Wide | Career Opportunities

2. UN Volunteer Recruitment 2021 Apply for Job Vacancies (29 Positions)

3. Save the Children Recruitment 2021 Apply for Available Job Vacancies (11 Positions)

4. World Health Organisation Recruitment 2021 Apply for Job Vacancies ( 30 Positions)

5. Proten International Recruitment 2021, Careers & Job Vacancies (29 Positions)

6. Vacancies – ECOWAS Recruitment 2021 – Begin Application Process

7. UBA Recruitment 2021 Apply for Job Vacancies (6 Positions)

8. Kuda Bank Recruitment 2021 Apply for Job Vacancies (3 Positions)

9. UNICEF Recruitment 2021 Apply for Job Vacancies (3 Positions)

10. Palladium Group Recruitment 2021 Apply for Job Vacancies (7 Positions)

11. Federal Government Jobs

12. Mastercard Recruitment 2021 Apply for Job Career Vacancies (2 Positions)

13. International Labour Organization Recruitment 2021 Apply for Job Vacancies (3 Positions)

14. ACTED Recruitment 2021 Apply for Careers & Job Vacancies (2 Positions)

15. Apply for $10,000 Grants to Support Small Business | KKR Small Business Builders Fund

16. United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Job Vacancies (8 Positions)

17. Management Sciences for Health Recruitment 2021 Apply for Job Vacancies (4 Positions)

18. US Mission Recruitment 2021 Apply For Job Vacancies (7 Positions)

19. International Rescue Committee Recruitment 2021 Apply for Job Vacancies (7 Positions)

20. Greenlight Planet Recruitment 2021 Apply for Job Vacancies (15 Position)

21. FHI 360 Recruitment 2021 Apply for Job Vacancies


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  1. Rahmatullah says:

    I have good experience with INGO

  2. Sushil kumar tharu says:

    job in NGo

  3. Zalmai says:

    I need job because of bad situation of Afghanistan and jobless.

  4. m.eisa.osmani says:

    ladies and gentlemen. I worked as a bodyguard at kunduz airport from 2015 to 2017 unfortunately. this job caused me to face a severe threat from the taliban. I am currently hiding in a relative’s hause in a corner of Afghanistan in takhar. and I ask your leadership to improve the situation in Afghanistan give me asylum in your country please be humane in my request.

  5. Ahmadnaser says:

    I hope 🙏 to take master’s card

  6. Ahmadnaser says:

    I hope 🙏 to take the UN master’s card

  7. I am interested for jobs I have graduated in food science and nutrition GPA 3.74 from wollega university in 2010EC.

  8. Segni Daba says:

    Save the children

  9. Khair mohammad says:

    Dear sir or Madam,
    I am khair mohammad
    Iam from afghanistan
    Ineed awork

  10. javed iqbal sultani sultani says:

    its nice

  11. javed iqbal sultani sultani says:

    i need jib and i hv expetienc

  12. Abyot Tesfaye Kebede says:

    I want to join and work together glve me a chance

  13. help..I am mohammad esmaili .i am afganistani .من کمک میخواهم

  14. I am environmental student and I want to work at the UN because world need the another person in the envirnment.

  15. Nilab says:

    I have good work experience and I want to be a member of you

  16. I am graduted from school and i am social moblizer in UNCEF pondation now i want to go forign country Thanks sir

  17. Abdul hakim says:

    I worked ten years in the goverment of afghanistan i know about law of afghanistan also i graduated from law facultay also i can speak english also i finished mor semenars with foreign (swedan;jermans;amricans)

  18. Abdul hakim says:

    I need job my phon number and watsup is +93747342020

  19. MoneerAhmad says:

    I am moneer Ahmad son of Nasir Ahmad my father was the loger province provincial attorney and was killed at Baraki barak District of loger province we were threatened by antigovernment forces and we had informed all related security authorities about our issue’s my lift leg was enjured a result of missile hit our house we forced to leave our house and go to Pakistan as refugee and registered myself and my family at UNHCR Peshawar we returned to loger province but once again we got under the threats of antigovernment forces they kidnapped my brother and askedus us to pay the amount of 500.000Afghanis for him Due to economy problems we forced to go to kabull with all my family on 10/08/1395 i joined the interpol police on 2018 and therefter i worked as representatives of executive department of kabull Monicipolilty on 2019. On 23/05/1400 six members of my family were killed in loger province by anti-government forces. I and my family’s life are under serious threat and dangers .hereby the UNHCR is kindly requested to please accept me and my family as the refugees in abroad the Afghanistan in order that our lives be saved and to facilitate us a peaceful end calm life in future

  20. Mohammadrafi says:

    Hello, I am in a bad economic situation and I really need a job. If there is a job in Afghanistan and help me, I will be grateful to you.

  21. Hi, I am Mohammad Nasser Amini. I live in Afghanistan. I am an employee of the Supreme Court. What can you help me with?

  22. Nasruminallah Niazi says:

    I hope youre fine i want to fine job. i graduate law and political science in Nangrahar university in 2007 and i don different orgniztion. started prosecutor at Atturniy general office then lawyer in east region then commissioner in the electoral complaints commission then started job with ATRA orgnization tel now .

  23. Muhib ullah says:

    I am muhib ullah i am from afghanistan please help us

  24. Abdulmotaal says:

    My name is Abdul Muttaal. I live in Kabul, Afghanistan. I worked for a private company as an accountant. I am currently unemployed.

  25. Tin says:

    I need job beacuse of help me myanmar people.

  26. Muhammad Ebrahim fayazi says:

    I am a police officer of the Ministry of Interior of Afghanistan in the rank of a lieutenant who has worked for 19 years in the departments of the Ministry of Defense and the Directorate of Counter Narcotics of Afghanistan.
    My predecessors come because of my entanglement. Please help me. My life is in danger. If I am present, I will work in any department where there is a need. Thank you very much.

  27. Mohammad Nasim says:

    Dear sir/madame, I am provider of a family of 10 people. I was an Afghan National Army officer with 28 years of experience. I am unemployed now, if I have a job in this institution, it will be your highest sense of humanity.
    With Regards

  28. Alireza says:

    I am from Afghanistan and I was an officer of the Ministry of Defense of Afghanistan and I was also in the sports department. I am a martial arts champion and in 2015 I joined the national team. In 2019, I became the runner-up in Iran’s international competitions. I had a club in Afghanistan and coached the women’s team. In 2018, I graduated from Kabul Military High School. At the end of 2020, I graduated from the Military Academy of the Ministry of National Defense. Battalion 3 I served as an executive officer The situation in Afghanistan is known to the whole world and with the fall of the government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the seizure of power by the Taliban, my life and my family are in danger. Security forces’ information has fallen into the hands of the Taliban. They are quickly looking for the security forces. I am not in a fixed place and I am afraid of losing my life, I call on to grant me and my family asylum so that we can live in a safe place without fear.

  29. Arsalan says:

    I used to trade in Afghanistan, but I can not because I am afraid that I am not safe. Please, please, please help me.

    Sincerely, Arsalan Sakhizada

  30. Arsalan says:

    I used to trade in Afghanistan, but I can not because I am afraid that I am not safe. Please, please, please help me.

  31. Hamedkohestani says:

    I am an Afghanistan and I am a journalist I do haveri works can you help me

  32. Mohamad Nader Bakhtani says:

    I’m ready to work in this organization

  33. Mukesh kumar sah says:

    Iam interested

  34. Fekadu Kebede says:

    Hi instructor!
    My name is Fekadu Kebede
    I have MBA
    I need jobs
    for more information contact me through +251923766355

  35. We need to apply but they will not aloud poor’s to be recruited

  36. Munirat says:

    I want to do this work

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