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15 Best Tech Job Sites in 2022

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If you are looking for the best tech job sites to apply for tech jobs in 2022 then this article have got you covered

We have listed out the top 15 best tech job sites that you can use to apply for tech jobs today and they are all quite accessible.



1. Triplebyte

TripleByte is the most precise option available:The site is exclusively for engineers interested in working for startups.You will need to complete programming tests and challenges when you sign up for the account to verify your skills; you won’t even see listings until you fill out a profile and take the quizzes.But if you get through, you’ll be glad to know that there won’t be nearly as many other candidates competing for the job!

2. Dice

Dice offers many great openings posted every day.Sort by company, type of employment, and location (or telecommuting).

The job descriptions can be viewed without creating an account; however, in order to apply, you will need to register.

After creating a profile, you can also upload a resume, which serves as an open invitation for recruiters to get in touch with you (be aware that this may fill up your inbox).

3. The Muse

The Muse is another one of the best job sites that is actually very unique in that they place a strong emphasis on providing you with information and resources for success,

such as extensive blogs and expert career advice.They also go out of their way to show you what it’s like to work there and take you inside the businesses.

You can use filters to narrow down the list of jobs, which includes tech positions.To begin browsing and applying, you don’t even need an account.

4. AngelList

Startup jobs are emphasized on this website, few things that set them apart:

You can also mark yourself as “secretly looking” for jobs, which means that your profile won’t show up in search results and companies won’t see you until you approve their profile.

They also share salary ranges and equity for openings.Take note that in order to apply for jobs, you will need to create an AngelList profile.

5. Blind

Millions of verified tech professionals from startups and established companies make up the Blind community.

If you’re looking for a job in technology, the Who’s Hiring job board on the website lets members post open positions.

Importantly, you can access the job board without being a registered Blind member or verified professional.

6. Built In

Built In is an online community for technology startups and businesses.

The site advertises both in-person and remote positions, but it really focuses on high-tech remote jobs.

In addition, Built In provides extensive free advice on how to locate startup jobs and catch up on the most recent tech news.

7. Git Hub

GitHub is the most popular Git repository hosting service in the world, with over nine million users, and it also has a jobs board.

To locate compatible tech jobs, filter by title, specific skill, or other keywords, and optionally by location.On the GitHub board,

the majority of jobs are full-time and on-location;Occasionally, part-time or remote work may be posted.

8. Underdog.io

Underdog compiles listings for tech jobs in major cities, including New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles at the moment, as well as remote work.

They curate their job marketplace to feature top-notch positions and have connections to hundreds of tech startups supported by venture capital.

Engineering, design, data science, and other tech fields are all represented.To begin, you will need to submit a candidate application.

9. Product Hunt

Product hunt is another best tech job sites.Jobs for engineers, developers, designers, product managers, and more can be found on Product Hunt for a wide range of tech startups and companies.

Also posted from time to time are internships.

10. LinkedIn Jobs

One of the best places to look for a tech job is LinkedIn Jobs, where you can use the power of LinkedIn to see if anyone in your network works for, graduated from, or is connected to someone at your target company.

11. Ladders

This site is the best pursuit of employment motor for executives and those focusing on jobs that pay more than $100K each year.Additionally,

there are sections on the website dedicated to remote and technical jobs.If you’re an executive or earn more than six figures, it’s probably your best option.

12. Remote Tech Jobs

Remote tech jobs is a recent IT job board that focuses on remote positions is Remote Tech Jobs.

While numerous innovation work sheets highlight a few distant jobs, this site is a decent decision to see places that will give you complete area freedom in your pursuit of employment.

The website is relatively new to the tech job market, but it already has thousands of open positions in the back-end, front-end, full-stack, and other areas of IT development, including Android and iOS development.

13. Mashabel Jobs

A job board is also available on the well-known tech news website Mashable.

You can post your resume and look for jobs by city and keywords.

Additionally, you can set up job alerts to be notified whenever a new posting meets your requirements.

14. Tech careers

Even though this technology job board isn’t the flashiest or most up-to-date-looking one,

it has some very good job listings. Clicking on a listing often takes you to the employer’s website, so you can apply right away and save time.

this feature prevents you from wasting time applying without knowing whether the position is still open, for example.If a job is still posted on the company website, it is much more likely to be “active” and open.

15. F6s.Com

For tech workers who want to work for a real start-up, this is a great job board.No huge banks and enterprises here!

They have a lot of jobs in front-end development, full stack development, and UI/UX, as well as listings of companies looking for technical co-founders, among other things.

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