Finland Scholarships 2019 for International Students (Undergraduate & Postgraduate) – How to Apply

Finland Scholarships 2019 for International Students (Undergraduate & Postgraduate) – How to Apply

Today we are going to show you a VERY simple way of applying for Finland Scholarships 2019 for International Students (Undergraduate & Postgraduate).

(Through our Finland scholarship guidelines below)

If you are searching for:

  • How can I get free education in Finland?
  • Is tuition free in Finland?
  • How much does it cost to study in Finland?
  • Can I study in Finland?
  • Can I stay in Finland after graduation?
  • Is it worth studying in Finland? e.t.c

In short, many of our visitors in the previous year got these fully funded Finland scholarships as international applicant.

And also a whole lot of them got “Aalto University Finland Scholarships, Aurora Finland Scholarships, University of Eastern Finland Scholarships, CIMO Finland Scholarships, and Government of Finland Scholarships”.

Without much ado, let’s dive right in…

Is It Worth Studying in Finland?

Studying in Finland is worth it, because, the country has a high educational system which is about 99.9% sound and including the fact, that the Government of Finland offers Fully Funded bachelor’s and Master’s scholarships for non-European international students and PhD for some international students as well.

Finland Scholarships for International Students 2019 Undergraduate

These Finland scholarships for international students 2019 undergraduate student’s is real in case you think is not genuine.

And if you want to join the list of Finland scholarship Beneficiary, then you must be ready to grab this fully funded Finland Scholarships for 2019-2020 opportunity given to you.


Government of Finland Scholarships 2019 list

Here is a list of fully funded scholarship for 2019 international students by the government of Finland.

  • Aalto University Finland Scholarships,
  • Aurora Finland Scholarships,
  • University of Eastern Finland Scholarships,
  • CIMO Finland Scholarships. e.t.c

However the government of Finland have place free education in a number of college’s in the country.

Such as:

  1. Helsinki University of Technology
  2. Lappeenranta University of Technology Finnish Academy of Fine Arts
  3. Sibelius Academy
  4. Theatre Academy
  5. The University of Art and Design Helsinki UIAH
  6. Åland Polytechnic
  7. University of Applied Sciences
  8. Central Ostrobothnia University of Applied Sciences
  9. Diaconia University of Applied Sciences
  10. EVTEK University of Applied Sciences
  11. HAAGA-HELIA University of Applied Sciences
  12. HAMK University of Applied Sciences
  13. Helsinki Polytechnic Stadia
  14. HUMAK University of Applied Sciences
  15. Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences
  16. Kajaani University of Applied Sciences
  17. Kemi-Tornio University of Applied Sciences
  18. Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences
  19. Lahti University of Applied Sciences
  20. Laurea University of Applied Sciences
  21. Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences
  22. North Karelia University of Applied Sciences
  23. Oulu Polytechnic – University of Applied Sciences
  24. Pirkanmaa Polytechnic – University of Applied Sciences
  25. Rovaniemi University of Applied Sciences
  26. Satakunta University of Applied Sciences
  27. Savonia University of Applied Sciences
  28. Sydväst Polytechnic
  29. Tampere Polytechnic – University of Applied Sciences
  30. Turku University of Applied Sciences
  31. Vaasa University of Applied Sciences
  32. University of Eastern Finland
  33. University of Lapland
  34. Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences (SeAMK)
  35. University of Vaasa
  36. University of Jyvaskyla
  37. South Carelia Polytechnic
  38. University of Oulu
  39. University of Tampere
  40. Tampere University of Technology
  41. University of Turku: Tuition fees are charged from non-EU/EEA citizens (7000 Euro /academic year).
  42. Lappeenranta University of Technology
  43. Hanken Swedish School of Economics and Business Administration
  44. University of Helsinki

Is Finland Scholarship 2019 a Fully Funded Scholarships?

YES! Because, almost all the scholarships offered by Finland government are fully funded scholarships either through their college universities or directly through the Government.

Meanwhile, “when we say a Scholarships is fully funded” What do we mean? we mean a scholarship that inures all fiscal charge of a beneficiary in order to provide a conducive Learning space for International Students.

Do Universities in Finland Teach in English?

The answer is: Yes! Because, there are a lot of universities in Finland that teach in ENGLISH.

  1. Aalto University
  2. Fastighets Ab Arcada Nova
  3. Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences
  4. Metropolia University of Applied Sciences
  5. Tallinn University
  6. University of the Arts Helsinki
  7. Diaconia University of Applied Sciences
  8. Helsinki School of Business

Finland Scholarships 2019 Selection Criteria’s

For Bachelor Degree Applicant:

Your answers to the following questions must be positive.

  • Do you have TOEFL or IELTS? if yes apply.
  • Will you be able to provide your Secondary School or high school Result (For West African student, you Need to Provide GCE or WAEC Certificate)? if yes apply.

For Masters and PhD Applicants:

Your answers to the following questions must be a YES.

  • Hope you have your bachelors degree with transcripts? YES!
  • How about your Motivation letter? YES!
  • Have you taken English language proficiency exam? and hope your result is above average? YES!
  • Do you have a research proposal? YES!
  • And also Reference letters? YES!

How to Apply for Finland Scholarships 2019 for International Students

To study in Finland Scholarships:


  • First and foremost, you will have to select the scholarships type you wish to apply,
  • Secondly go through the scholarships, discover the eligibility for each scholarship (if you are eligible to apply), then click on the application link to apply.
  • Fill the application form online and Upload all documents required and submit.
  • The university college will review your files, and if you are eligible, your letter of admission will be sent to you.
  • Once you receive your admission letter you can now visit any Finland embassy near you for a student visa.


 CareersNGR Do not have any influence on the ongoing Scholarship Program  What we do provide, are the necessary information required for you to be selected on the program.

Lastly,  Do you have any questions? feel relax to let us know






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