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Best Tips on How to Announce You Are Looking for a Job on Linkedln

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Knowing How to announce you are looking for a job on Linkedln could be a good strategy if you want the proper individuals to know. It’s a tactic that many job seekers ought to think about using.

On LinkedIn, you can make it known to recruiters and people in your network that you are seeking for work and are open to new chances.


When recruiters search for qualified applicants for job openings, we’ll help your profile appear in the search results if you identify the kinds of career possibilities you’re interested in and your desired location.


Utilize LinkedIn’s built-in job search features

Utilize LinkedIn’s built-in tools for job search as your initial step before posting about your job hunt there. You can use a job seeker badge next to your profile in a LinkedIn search if you have LinkedIn Premium.

You can decide not to use this badge and merely select the jobseeker option when joining up, but doing so is a clever method to instantly communicate to recruiters and hiring managers that you are available for work.

Additionally, it notifies your contacts about the badge settings automatically, so you don’t have to send each of them individual emails or messages to let them know you’re looking for work.

Make a Post on Linkedln About Your Job Search

An efficient strategy on how to announce you are looking for a job on linkedln is to publish directly on LinkedIn about your quest for a new job.

Your post will frequently appear on both of their networks’ feeds in addition to your own, especially if they interact with it (e.g. engage or share it).

Do not publish a post like this if you are presently employed and don’t want your current team to know you are looking for a new job because posting on LinkedIn means your post will probably be public.

You Should include the following in your post:

  • The reason for your job search
  • Mention your skills and expertise
  • Include if you are interested in people to sending you job opportunities or introducing you to people in their own network.

Use the LinkedIn’s #OpenToWork feature

The people who follow hashtags like #opentowork, #jobsearch, #recruitment, and #HR almost immediately become aware of you.

To maximize your advantage in your job hunt, you should use this function in conjunction with the role you are seeking.

It is a quick and simple way to “announce” your job search. You can enable it as follows

  • Click the “Me” icon at the top of the LinkedIn homepage
  • Click “View profile.”
  • Below your name and headline, click “Open”
  • Select “Finding a new job.”
  • Fill in the requested information, and choose whether all LinkedIn members, or only recruiters can see that you’re open to job opportunities
  • Click “Add to profile.”

You can also click “Get Started” from the “Show recruiters you’re open to work” box near the top of your LinkedIn profile.

Create a brand-new, updated LinkedIn profile.

Your profile should at the very least take a look at the section that shows your professional experience if you intend to declare that you are open to work and looking for new employment chances.

This implied:

  • updating your profile picture to a recent portrait of oneself
  • updating professional profile and skills posting blogs and articles on subjects pertaining to your area of expertise
  • Recruiters will find it simpler to relate your profile to your desire to land a job as a result.

Tag and Follow Companies That You Are Interested in

To make yourself apparent to various employment departments, you can also tag organisations that interest you in your article.

Keeping up with a company’s most recent news and announcements is easy when you follow them.

This is a terrific method to learn about new opportunities as they arise since many businesses list job openings on their LinkedIn company profiles.

The majority of companies leave comments on your page using this strategy, even though occasionally they are automated responses.

Join and participate in relevant groups on LinkedIn

On LinkedIn, there are lots of groups that are dedicated to particular professions or industries. To create a network, join these groups and take part in the discussions.

There are several ways to go about stating on Linkedin that you are looking for work. You can discuss it in a group or a status update, as well as on your profile.

Revamp your profile

Redesigning your profiles is a terrific technique for people like us who want to hunt for a new job without having to worry about the repercussions of telling our existing employers.

A low-key, low-risk method of catching the attention of a recruiter or connection is to add a new headline and update the job sections with pertinent details and keywords.

Message Your Network

After building a network, you can reach out to people and let them know you’re looking for work. But be cautious.

Depending on how well you know these people, if you push too hard when you mention that you’re seeking for work, they can feel uncomfortable.

Just let them know you are open and available without trying to sell them anything.

Be professional when using any LinkedIn choices you choose to let people know that you are looking for work. Make sure you make a good impression since it can stick with someone.

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Now It’s Your Turn

Looking for a new job can be hectic, but linkedln is a good place to advance your job search, you can simply follow the above tips on how to announce you are looking for a job on linkedln, get started today.

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