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How to Buy Life Insurance for Elderly Parents Over 55: Definitive Guide

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This is the definitive guide on how to Buy Life Insurance for Elderly Parents.

When your parents do not have an insurance policy or money to care for themselves at old age, you may want to get a life insurance policy for them, because caring for your parents until their death can be financially demanding.


With life insurance, you can easily get the funds you spent for them during and after their death or depending on the policy purchased you are allowed to use the benefits before their death in some situations.

To get an insurance policy for your parents you must let them know because you need their approval for them to be insured.


What to Know Before Buying Life Insurance for the Elderly Parents

1.     You have to decide what needs the policy wants to meet before buying it. For instance, someone may need life insurance to pay off a mortgage or other debt. another person may need life insurance to cover financial expenses. In this case, these needs are not the same, they will need a different type of life insurance policy

2.     You must know the health history and their present condition before you start talking to an agent because that is what will determine the insurance company that will accept them and the type of policy to purchase.

3.     In this present day that the world has gone global, you don’t need the physical presence of your parents before they can be insured. A lot of insurance companies now have electronic application processes which include voice signature or email signature.

4.     You must not choose an insurance company based on popularity because even the ones that are not so popular are also reliable

Best Life Insurance for Parents Over 60

Insurance companies offer a lot of life insurance policies that have death benefits when the victim dies, in this article we are going to list out some you can consider when purchasing.

Whole Life:

Over time, the whole life policy builds up reasonable cash value which you can draw a loan against or cash out when you are no longer interested in the coverage. The whole life insurance policy does not end for the insured as long as you can pay the premium. Also, you usually do not need a medical test if you are under a certain age. You have to bear in mind that when you buy a whole life policy, you can’t increase the value in the future.

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Universal Life:

The universal life policy operates just like the whole life policy but has a little difference. The whole life policy is the insurance company that determines the cash value policy you can build. But in the case of universal life, it depends on the money market interest rate to build cash value. It also gives you more freedom as your life changes financially to increase the value of the policy in the future if you pass the medical test.

Variable Life

There is also a modern form of whole life insurance, which is the variable life policies, they offer death benefits and also investments. However, with a variable life policy, you can choose to include a portion of your purchases in bonds, money markets, or stock options. This is a good way to improve the value of the policy. However, if your chosen investment fails, it can result in a decrease in death benefits.

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Term Life:

 Term life policies have become very popular over the past decades because of their low cost. term life policies pay death benefits but don’t accumulate money and term policy covers the insured for a particular period. That is to say if your policy expired before the death of your parents nobody will be paid the death benefit.

What is the Cost of Parental Insurance?

The cost of life insurance varies depending on a few factors, such as:

1.     How old are you

2.     The amount of coverage you wish to buy

3.     the type of policy you choose.

4.     The state of your health and family health history.

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