How to Earn Money From Facebook in 2023

How to earn money from Facebook in 2023- a chance to make money online without any stress but just with a lucrative business to pull the string of your money earning.

If you are wondering how to earn money from Facebook, I can tell you that earning money from Facebook is not as difficult as you think. In fact, with over a billion active users and great advertising targeting these users, it will be a surprise if you cannot earn money from Facebook. 

I will tell you exactly how I and my friends have earned money from Facebook. 

To earn money on Facebook there are two ways:

  • Invest your money
  • Invest your time and effort

This article also has a few ways to earn money from Facebook without any investment; but this will require time, effort, and energy but is still doable.

First, Facebook has over a billion users. That means the platform already has an audience. All you need to figure out is how to make the money from Facebook in a smart way.

I believe anyone can earn money from Facebook. You just have to spend enough time trying to find out what works. 

I will give you a blueprint on how to earn money from Facebook, if you can crack it great!

I have listed the ways to make money on Facebook in order of practicality.

That means you will find the easiest ways to earn money on the top of the list and towards the bottom, the methods will take time, effort, and special skills to earn your money.

How To Earn Money From Facebook

Earn Money From Facebook By Selling Products

This is the easiest way to earn money from Facebook.

The goal here is not to earn money from Facebook, but rather show fast growth for startups to get the next round of funding.

If you have done any activity on Facebook, they have captured that information and bucketed you into a list of audiences. 

Coming back to the concept of earning money from Facebook. The idea is simple. Find a unique product that you can get for cheap.

Use Facebook’s targeting to show the product in the best possible format to your audience. Now, this will require you to invest some money initially but, this is the easiest way to make money from Facebook.

Steps To Sell Products On Facebook

  • Find a winning product
  • Replicate Ads of your competitors
  • Start the Ad
  • Sell the product
  • Make money 
  • Repeat

Earn Money From Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a digital marketplace where users can arrange to buy, sell, and trade items with other people in their local area. 

I have seen a lot of people sell items on Facebook Marketplace and sizable income. The catch is in getting items very cheap from suppliers and delivering the product without complaints. 

Steps To Earn Money On Facebook Marketplace

  • Go to 
  • Click marketplace
  • Click sell something
  • Click item for sale
  • Enter Title, Pricing, Location & Category
  • Take product live

Earn Money From Facebook By Selling Services

Did you know that you can also sell some services on Facebook and make money? This does not mean selling digital services but rather real services on Facebook.

You might have noticed people spamming on groups with images of services such as bathroom cleaning, pets, sitting, etc. This is also related to blue-collared jobs, which you can also find related to Graphic design, Content writing & Editing.

With the right kind of targeted ads, you can actually sell some of your services and make some money. As with any trade, it is important that you try to sell services that provide a healthy margin for you to make it worthwhile.

Steps to Earn Money By Selling Services On Facebook

  • Find groups relevant to your skills
  • Send request to relevant group
  • Analyze posts of other people offering similar services
  • Create an attractive post to sell your services
  • Check comments and improve your post 

Earn Money from Facebook via Digital Marketing

Notice the number of Likes and comments on the post. These are all potential customers that can purchase the service for their business needs.

However, there are many other digital marketing tasks you can do on Facebook that do not require much expertise such as handling social media posts, moderating Facebook company pages, creating trending memes, etc.

You can attend any good Facebook marketing course and then proceed with offering digital marketing services on Facebook to make money.

Since handling social media pages is relatively easy, you can even handle 3-4 company pages and earn money from Facebook.

Steps to Earn Money via Digital Marketing on Facebook

  • Undergo training on handling social media pages, SEO etc.
  • Send request to join relevant Job Groups
  •  Create an attractive post to sell your services
  • Check comments and improve your post

Earn Money from Facebook by Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a technique by which if a sale happens due to your digital activity, you get a small commission for the product or service promotion.

You can see that the post immediately captures the audience’s attention with a triple discount.

The product also seems to have a huge number of reviews to increase the trust factor.

The most important thing to notice here is that the product is an Amazon Link which means if anyone clicks on the link and makes a purchase, the “promoter” will get a commission.

To start with affiliate marketing, you need to become an affiliate with some product or service and start promoting those.

Facebook groups are a great way to do affiliate marketing where you can find relevant groups, join them and start posting affiliate links to drive commissions.

Be careful to not spam the group and try to get sales as this will lead to your admins blocking or removing you from the group.

Add value to the conversations and then include your affiliate links.

Steps to Earn Money via Digital Marketing on Facebook

  •  Understand the basics of affiliate marketing
  • Research on best performing affiliate products
  • Find and join relevant Facebook groups to promote products
  • Add value to conversations and plug in affiliate links

Earn Money from Facebook via Reselling

In case you have not heard of social commerce platforms like Meesho, I urge you to check them out.

Meesho is a social commerce platform for resellers that allows almost anyone to join and start reselling products on channels such as Facebook to make money.

Meesho has partnered with numerous suppliers and will supply products for cheap.

Apart from Meesho, there are other reselling platforms such as GlowRoad & Shop101 which you can also try.

You can add your margins on top of this and start selling.

Meesho & other reselling platforms take care of orders, inventory management, and shipping.

Your work will be to promote the product within your audience and get sales.

Note: You will need a GST number to get started with reselling on these platforms. I have a good contact who can help you get your GST number as well as get on board with Meesho.

Steps to Earn Money via Reselling on Facebook

  •  Install Meesho, GlowRoad & Shop101 Apps.
  •  Understand best selling products and categories
  • Register for a GST Number
  • Start onboarding on Reseller Apps
  • Promote your products on Facebook via Groups, Friends
  • Make money & Repeat

Earn Money from Facebook Page

Facebook offers users the ability to create pages and attract followers based on the niche. Naturally, you would be thinking, how to earn money from Facebook Pages

All of these “Funny” pages have amassed millions of followers in a very short time and once you have a page, you can monetize it fairly easily. You can either do sponsored posts with these pages in exchange for money or even try to sell your own products on the page.

As you would have guessed, this takes significant time to make a successful page, so consider this only if you are in for the long run.

A few years back, creating a viral Facebook page as easy as you would get plenty of organic views and shares for your posts for free.

Facebook literally killed organic reach and now it will take a lot of time, money, and even people to create a successful page.

That being said, if you are really passionate about making a page, I do not see why you should not give it a shot.

Find a good niche and start building your Facebook page slowly.

Once you have enough followers you can even try to sell the page to some bigger brands who are willing to pay the right price for your page.

Ways to Earn Money through Facebook Pages

  • Sell Products through the Page
  • Sell Ad Spaces to bigger brands on the Page
  •  Sell Courses on the Page
  • Sell the Page Directly (Takes Time & Effort)

For all of these ways to make money from Facebook pages, you would obviously need to have a page with a good number of followers.

Earn Money from Facebook Page Likes, Shares & Comments

This is a little outdated method, but I have still seen people making money by selling Facebook Likes, Comments & Shares.

In most cases, there are individuals who have created a network of people who can Like, Comment on, Share for some value.

You can even become a reseller of Facebook Likes, Comments, and Shares by finding cheap sources of Likes, Comments, and Shares and selling them at a higher price.

Selling Likes, Comments and Shares used to be a big business a few years back but now brands have become aware of the shortcomings of getting such an audience.

That being said, there are still buyers for these kinds of Likes, Comments, and Shares. These are mainly new companies or want-to-be celebrities who are just starting out.

Pro Tip: You might find more buyers for Facebook Likes, Comments & Shares if you are focusing on a niche such as health, music, cooking, etc.

Ways to Earn Money by Facebook Likes, Shares & Comments

  • Find cheap sellers of Facebook Likes
  •  Check reputation of sellers
  • Approach companies for Selling/ Post Your Own Ads for Likes on Niche
  • Deliver Results

Earn Money from Facebook through Adsense

AdSense is Google’s website monetization platform through which you can display ads on a site.

AdSense has certain approval criteria, but once you qualify, you can make money from any website by driving paid traffic to the website.

What you will need is an Adsense-approved website that can earn you money when your users click on the ads placed on your website.

Basically, you drive traffic from Facebook to your website and when people click the ad you make money.

This typically works with media or entertainment kinds of websites and people are more prone to click these kinds of articles and your posts might even get a good number of shares which will result in some organic traffic to boost your AdSense Revenue.

Note: Google can ban your Adsense account if you place excessive ads on the website, so please be careful.

Also, I have noticed that websites with too many ads are not approved by Facebook and in some cases, Facebook can even disable your Advertiser Account stating policy violation.

However, this will still work provided you can create unique content that can get clicks, and shares on social media.

Ways to Earn Money from Facebook through AdSense

  • Get a website AdSense Approved
  • Start Writing interesting content on site
  • Promote these articles through Paid Ads on Facebook
  • Check Adsense earning & optimise Facebook campaigns further
  • Repeat

Earn Money from Facebook Ads (Video Views)

A few years back Facebook introduced Video Ads for publishers.

You might have seen many short-form videos about ‘how to do this”, DIY Tips, Five Minute Crafts which have a massive number of video views and shares.

Facebook Video creators who create original videos can now monetize videos by inserting ads into certain videos.

Facebook allows creators to monetize ads in three ways: pre-roll, mid-roll, and image ads.

There are some standard best practices and eligibility criteria you need to follow to start monetizing your videos.

Eligibility Criteria for Monetizing Facebook Videos:

You must publish videos from a Page, not a profile, to be eligible for in-stream ads

Have 30,000+ 1-minute views

Have 10,000 Page followers

Publish 3-minute videos

For a full list of eligibility requirements, please visit this link.

Ways to Earn Money from Facebook through Facebook Videos

  • Create Short Unique Videos for your Facebook page
  • Qualify for Video monetisation
  •  Place ads on most successful videos
  •  Repeat

Earn Money from Facebook by Selling Courses

Nowadays everyone is selling online courses. If you have any skill and you do anything better than most people out there, you can make an online course and sell it on Facebook.

The beauty of Facebook lies in the detailed targeting which you can use to target your potential audience and if your course is good enough you can make some money out of it.

As with any form of e-learning, the investment is only in creating the course and once that is done, margins are almost 90%.

You can create a course on Business Development, Sales, or just about anything. Again, look at other people selling courses to validate the idea before making your own course.

Earn Money from Facebook by Becoming Influencer

A lot of people think that becoming a Facebook influencer is easy. It’s not!

A few years back when Facebook’s algorithm was defined in such a way that organic posts got wider reach, becoming an Influencer was easy.

Now with organic reach declining, it takes a lot of work and you need to be consistent in providing engagement to your followers to become an influencer.

I am not saying it cannot be done, but it will take time.

Ways to Earn Money from Facebook by Becoming Influencer

  • Identify the niche in which you want to be Influencer
  •  Start posting relevant and useful content for your audience to groups or run paid ads
  • Build a fan following with regular engagement
  • Use paid promotions, recommendations & other ways to Influence your followers to make money

Earn Money from Facebook Groups

If you have used Facebook in the past you would have definitely used some Facebook group or the other.

A few years back a friend of mine introduced me to a group called Seconds to None which can be used to sell second-hand products via the group.

I have sold at least 20 things from this group and made money.

While we are discussing these groups, do note they do have some strict rules that you cannot sell new items.

I even know some people who buy second-hand stuff from friends, refurbish it and then resell it on Facebook groups for a margin.

This is obviously a little harder as you need to find a good quality, in-demand product and then find a buyer also for it.

While you are trying to earn money from Facebook groups, do watch out for common scams such as making payments through QR codes, people reserving your products & people asking for credit card information.

Ways to Earn Money from Facebook through Facebook Groups

  • Join All Second Hand/ Garage Sale Groups
  • Find Products that are in Demand
  • Start selling abiding by the Group Rules
  • Make money

Hope this article was helpful?

Please leave your questions in the comment section below.