The Easiest Step on How to Get A Job in Nigeria For 2020 Without Connection & Experience

How long have you been applying for a job in Nigeria? And you don’t get called for interviews?

Then, permit me to say that, ( You don’t know “The Easiest Step on How to Get A Job in Nigeria For 2020 Without Connection and Experience” ).

Today, I’ll walk you through the pros and cons of “The Simplest way to Get A Job Fast in Nigeria For 2020”.

In fact, we’re also going to show you the list of Most Popular Jobs in Nigeria 2020, that you can get without connection.

Plus, the 10 Most Popular Best Job Search Engines in Nigeria for 2020 where you can see all the relevant jobs in Nigeria and start your application immediately.

Well, Statistic has shown that, over 20.9million people are unemployed in Nigeria. 

Which am not surprise! Because the greatest challenge that Job seekers in Nigeria face; is having the mindset that you cannot get a job in Nigeria without Connection and Experience.

Let’s get started…

5 Best Steps on How Get A Job in Nigeria Without Connection

1. Bring Back Your Skills 

These has to do with, returning your ability that has been acquired by training.

You may think that you have no skills. But, i bet you! that’s not true. Because you have a particular task you have accomplished or a knowledge that you have acquired some where either by a group volunteering projects you’ve done or graduate trainee programme (internships) etc.

So, reflect on the attainment and Bring Back that Your Skills, that will enable you get a job in Nigeria that is free of connection and experience.

2. Build your CV for that Job Persona

Most job seekers think CV/Resume don’t have influence on the probability of being hired. But, believe you me, that it has a lot to do when it comes to determine”who is called for interview or not.

Meanwhile, Your CV get to the office you cannot go to while waiting for your interview.

Remember to always ask yourself what seem more interesting in this “job description” is it Leadership? Teamwork? Communication skill? Problem-solving? Immediately you find out what’s important, now Build your Resume/Cv and copy what they’re looking for in all of your past experience on your resume.

3. Create your Career Path

A career path is a group of jobs that use similar skills. Each career cluster contains several career paths.

4. Set your Career Goals

Career goals is a tool that guide your career. They can be short-term goals (six months) or long-term goals (five years, ten years).

Setting up your careers goal has to do with: 

  • Improving your networking skills.
  • Switching careers.
  • Starting your own business.
  • Getting a promotion.
  • Becoming an expert in your field.
  • Assuming a leadership position.
  • Earning a degree or certificate.
  • Closing more sales.

5. Learn to Bid for Salary

When you have done the four listed above, you are already set to bid for salary.

Why is it hard To Get a Job in Nigeria? 5 Good Reason

Finding a job in Nigeria look like is not easy as it is in other countries. But below is the 5 good reason, why such situation occur.

1. Lower Growth in the Economy (GDP):

The lower growth in the economy has led to the non-attainment of the core macro-economic goals; Of which one of it is the “Achievement of Full Employment”. which has not been achieve. Thereby leading to The increase number of job seekers appearing to have exceeded the number of available jobs in the country

2. Decrease in the Value for Education:

The value for education have been cut down so much that the job seekers out there do not meet the prerequisite for the available job.

3. Lack of Competent Graduates:

The number of graduate’s that can actually defend there certificate are few. Because statistics have shown that, out of 100% there are just 20% which is poor. Which make’s it hard to get a job.

4. Contradictions in the Requirement for a Particular Job Vacancies:

Job requirements is another limitation of getting a job in Nigeria. Because an individual may meet all required experience require of that job but does not meet the age requirement for that job. funny enough young job seekers who are just graduating are expected to have 4-5 years experience. So the irony is those with the experience are older and those without the experience are younger and if recruiters are seeking young but experienced employees, it poses a problem in getting a job.

5. Man-Know-Man Approach:

This system of Who-you-Know (connection) approach is one of the main reason why getting a job in Nigeria is difficulty. Where Tribalism, favoritism, nepotism, and all forms of sentimentality exist, it is very hard to get a job by merit.

What is Job Hunting?

Job Hunting can be define as the time that a job seeker is searching or pursuing a specific job in a particular point in time through the necessary application process.

What are common Mistake to Avoid when Hunting for a Job?

  • Failure to tailor your Resume;
  • Refusal of Networking With People That Matter in Your Industry;
  • Not a Member of LinkedIn;
  • Lack of  Follow Up

List of Job Websites Where You can Find your Dream Job in Nigeria Faster:

8 Most Professional Jobs in Nigeria 2020


I hope this guide to How to Get a Job fast in Nigeria Without Experience was helpful.

Now I’d like to hear what you have to say:

Which step from today’s guide do you want to attempt first?

Or are you going to apply for more jobs?

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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