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How to Transfer Airtime on Airtel

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How to transfer airtime on airtel a detailed guide to follow.

Are you are an Airtel subscriber and want to know how to transfer airtime either from your Airtel line to another Airtel line or from your Airtel line to other network then this guide will show you all you need to know to get started.


You can transfer or share airtime through Airtel Me2u from you account to another person’s account. You will be given a default transfer pin to be able to do your transfer, you can decide to change the pin later on for more security.


About Airtel Me2U

Airtel Me2U service allows airtel subscribers to transfer or share airtime and data with friends and family at no service charge. There’s no special tariff plan to be eligible for the Me2U service.

When you purchase airtime up to 20,000 and more through the self-care app and share with others using the Me2U, you earn an additional 4%

How to Get Airtel Transfer Pin

Your Airtel Me2U transfer pin comes by default as 1234 although you can decide to change this pin when you want to start making a transfer. 

You can change your default pin by sending a message to 432 with the following format

 PIN 1234 7777 and send to 432

How to Transfer Airtime on Airtel for the First Time Using Me2U Code

If you have never transferred airtime on Airtel, then this guide will show you through the process to go about it. Your transfer PIN is 1234 by default for the first time users. Simply follow the steps below to make your transfer.

  • Dail *432#
  • Input 1 for Airtel to Airtel transfer
  • Input the number you want to transfer to
  • Type in the amount 

How to Transfer Airtime on Airtel to Other Networks

You can also transfer airtime from Airtel to other networks, simply follow the steps below

  • Dail *432# on your Airtel line
  • Type 2 to select Airtel to other network transfer
  • Input the amount
  • Input the receiver’s phone number
  • Enter your PIN 
  • Click send

How to Transfer Airtime Through Text Message 

You may decide to transfer airtime by using text message. Follow the steps below

  • Type 2u on your message app
  • Type the phone number
  • Type the amount
  • Type your pin

Like this 

2u 08052868396 200 7777 and send to 432

How to Change Airtel Transfer Pin

If you want to change your Airtel pin from an existing pin to a new one, you can do that by following the steps below 

  • Dail *432#
  • Reply 3 to the prompt message for new pin
  • Enter your existing pin and send
  • Input the new pin you want to change to

Alternatively you can also do this by sending an sms by sending your old pin leave a space and then your new pin 

Like this 0000 7777 and send to 432

How to Transfer Data on Airtel

You can also use the Airtel me2u service to transfer data on your Airtel line. The steps includes;

  • Dial *141#
  • Select Gift or Me2U option

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