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Egg Business and Sales


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If my mother had not started Egg Sales Business In Africa under my very nose. I would never have believed that it was worth the capital. A firsthand experience therefore helps if you are ever going to talk about anything, particularly a business.
Like in every other business, the chain of distribution works perfectly here. There must be a farm, where the eggs are gotten. The farm is the producer in the chain. You can have more than one poultry farm where you form a cordial relationship with several of the producers. This is very important. because, having to get eggs from one farm only limits your option. And there are times when you cannot get as much eggs as you desire from just one farm. This is because; there is great competition in this business.

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How to Start Egg Sales Business in Africa – Trending Approach

Before we dive right in: I’ll like you to look some frequently asked questions about Egg Business and sales.

  • can you make money selling eggs?
  • How many eggs does a chicken lay per day? 
  •  How many eggs is in a crate? 
  • Can I sell my chicken eggs? 
  • How much are fresh farm eggs? 

What Is The Egg Distribution Business About?

The egg distribution business in Nigeria is about the supply of eggs from poultry farms to businesses on a daily, weekly, and monthly recurring basis. It is usually supplied in hundreds, and more commonly thousands, but all ultimately depending on the size, demand, and financial capability of the client.


Furthermore, on obtaining your product, you must always book first. Better still   make reservations for your supplies prior to the day you plan to go get them. I mean days before, so you do not end up disappointed.


Getting a ready market is the most important part of business, next to profit making. This is arguably true. Because, in the absence of a market. that is, the people to whom you will supply eggs in this case. As the supplier in the chain, has to be targeted. For a good start you’ll  go around the supermarket in and around your area to inform them that you would love to be their suppliers. Don’t worry about the fact that they already have suppliers because, every good business enterprise looks forward to new partnership. Show them that you will make a better customer by allowing them see that you have bigger and fresher eggs and at affordable prices, trust me, they will listen.



Still on the path of publicity, you also have to ensure that you tell each and everyone around you about your business. Keep open your chain of supplies, supermarkets, fast foods, homes, church members, sharwamma joints(they love the cracked eggs), indomie cooks, people who make bread and fried egg, etc. remember the broader your chain , the greater your chances of expanding and therefore, profit making.



As far as modalities are concerned, It would be out of place to think that you do not need a trade name and a receipt for this business, you sure would! So you must ensure that is taken cared of too. You should be able to arrange for a car if you do not already have one, that you would use during your supplies as mobility is a vital part of this business and this fact cannot be overemphasized. A phone book must be kept of your contacts in this business, do not rely on your phone memory only, as phones may go bad and leave you stranded. Keeping a cordial relationship with those you supply will go a long way to retaining the partnership.
The beauty of this business is that all around the clock, people will always be in need of eggs. There is almost never a time when you will be out of business, except you decide otherwise.

I’ll in this Point like to talk about the challenges Facing egg business and sales.

 What Benefits are there for Starting Egg Business and Supply In Africa

  • Easy to startup and operate
  • It can be a low-cost business idea
  • The egg supply business does not require advanced tooling or special skills
  • Eggs are a great source of protein
  • Eggs have a wide variety
  • It can create a weekly recurring income stream
  • The colour of the shell depends on the breed of the hen that laid it.
  • The colour of the yolk depends on the hen’s diet.
  • The age of a hen affects the size of an egg.
  • For the best hard boiled eggs, use eggs that are at least 10 days old.

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Challenges facing How to Start a Lucrative Egg Sales Business In Africa

every business has these and the egg enterprise is not an exception. Some of the challenges includes:

  • The fact that some of you are supplying may not pay all at once, but they eventually pay.
  • Some supermarkets may take two supplies of 25 crates each at short intervals and only pay for one, but they usually get to pay before they ask for the third supply.
  • You have to be patient because nagging would only portray you as an unlikely customer.

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What Opportunities are there Egg Distribution Business Around Africa

Common Supplies:

  • Eggs could be supplied to homes, supermarkets, restaurants, and bakeries on a daily, monthly and weekly basis, providing the business handling the supply a recurring stream of income since its major use at its supply points is for the preparation of cooked meals and pastries.

Industrial supply:

  • Eggs are used in some industrial practices for the production of glue and some other materials. As such, these industries need a constant recurring supply of large egg volumes from various suppliers.


  • Eggs are used by some cosmetic companies for manufacturing hair and skin care products.


  • Most gyms encourage their members to consume a lot of eggs on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to boost their protein intake, and in the process, gain considerable muscle mass. You could reach out to gyms to build a supply link between your organisation and their clients.


A journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. A crate of egg costs between 750 naira and 900 naira depending on the size, for producer’s price and a retail price of about 1000 naira. You can start your calculations from there. In today’s world, you can turn a small scale enterprise to a gold mine if you are dedicated enough to make it work. Go for a catch, you will be glad you did.

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