Nigerian Army SSC Shortlisted Candidates 2021 Released List — Download PDF for Examination Screening Interviews

Most Recruitment site’s for Nigerian Army SSC Shortlisted Candidates 2021 List of just concluded registration exercise. Do not take applicants to the www.recruitment-army-mil-ng//downloads-list-of-successful-candidates Portal.

Rather, they focus on letting applicants go through stress while trying to LEARN HOW TO CHECK for the Nigerian Army SSC Recruitment Shortlist 2021.

In fact, many Nigerian army short service shortlisted candidates online thinks that Nigerian army shortlisted names of successful candidates for ssc and dssc 2021 List Update is not true.

Anyways, we’re going to quickly show you how to check Nigerian Army e-recruitment portal shortlisted candidates via the 36 state in Nigeria below.

List of Shortlisted Candidates for Nigerian Army SSC and DSSC Examination Interview

Abia StateSSC 47/2021 & DSSC 27/2021
Adamawa State SSC 47/2021 & DSSC 27/2021
Akwa Ibom State SSC 47/2021 & DSSC 27/2021
Anambra State SSC 47/2021 & DSSC 27/2021
Bauchi StateSSC 47/2021 & DSSC 27/2021
Bayelsa StateSSC 47/2021 & DSSC 27/2021
Benue State SSC 47/2021 & DSSC 27/2021
Borno StateSSC 47/2021 & DSSC 27/2021
Cross RiverSSC 47/2021 & DSSC 27/2021
Delta StateSSC 47/2021 & DSSC 27/2021
Ebonyi StateSSC 47/2021 & DSSC 27/2021
Edo State SSC 47/2021 & DSSC 27/2021
Ekiti State SSC 47/2021 & DSSC 27/2021
Enugu State SSC 47/2021 & DSSC 27/2021
FCT (Abuja)SSC 47/2021 & DSSC 27/2021
Gombe State SSC 47/2021 & DSSC 27/2021
Imo StateSSC 47/2021 & DSSC 27/2021
Jigawa StateSSC 47/2021 & DSSC 27/2021
Kaduna State SSC 47/2021 & DSSC 27/2021
Kano State SSC 47/2021 & DSSC 27/2021
Katsina State SSC 47/2021 & DSSC 27/2021
Kebbi State SSC 47/2021 & DSSC 27/2021
Kogi State SSC 47/2021 & DSSC 27/2021
Kwara State SSC 47/2021 & DSSC 27/2021
Lagos State SSC 47/2021 & DSSC 27/2021
Minna StateSSC 47/2021 & DSSC 27/2021
Nassarawa State SSC 47/2021 & DSSC 27/2021
Niger State SSC 47/2021 & DSSC 27/2021
Ogun State SSC 47/2021 & DSSC 27/2021
Ondo State SSC 47/2021 & DSSC 27/2021
Osun StateSSC 47/2021 & DSSC 27/2021
Oyo State SSC 47/2021 & DSSC 27/2021
Plateau State SSC 47/2021 & DSSC 27/2021
Rivers StateSSC 47/2021 & DSSC 27/2021
Sokoto State SSC 47/2021 & DSSC 27/2021
Taraba State SSC 47/2021 & DSSC 27/2021
Yobe StateSSC 47/2021 & DSSC 27/2021
Zamfara State SSC 47/2021 & DSSC 27/2021

Steps to Check Nigeria Army SSC Shortlisted Candidates 2021 PDF

Step #1: Go to Nigerian army shortlisted result portal at: and choose SSC PDF List from the portal.

Step #2: You will be redirected to the PDF page where you can read the instructions for all shortlisted candidates and below it you’ll see the names of successful candidates

Step #3: Then, control ‘F’ to input your name. then check for any shaded Area to see if it is your name.

Steps #4: Finally, take ACTION.

NOTE: Successful applicants would be required to take a written examination at selected examination centres selected by applicants or assigned as appropriate.

Nigerian Army Short Service Screening Requirements 2021

Successful candidates would also present the following documents:

  • Printed photo-slips at examination centres and subsequently to the selection board during interviews.
  • Original copies of the following documents:
    • Passport photograph
    • Educational certificates
    • Evidence of membership of any professional body
    • Certificate of state of Origin
    • Birth Certificate or Age Declaration.
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Face masks
  • BVN printout.

FAQs about Nigerian Army Shortlisted Result

When is Nigerian Army SSC Recruitment Examination Screening Exercise 2021?

Nigerian Army Shortlisted candidates are to report to their respective examination centres for the exam screening interview this month.

How much Salary does Nigerian Army SSC Earn Monthly?

The federal government pays Nigerian army short service successful candidates who are commissioned into the rank of Second Lieutenant. an allowance between the range of N180,000.00 — N250,000.00 per month, through out their service period under that rank.

What is the Rank for Nigerian Army SSC?

The rank for Nigerian Army short service commission (SSC) successful candidates are the rank of Second Lieutenant.

When is Nigerian Army SSC Training (Final List)?

The Nigerian Army SSC list for training will be out after the exam interview screening exercise this month.

List of other related Army SSC Final List:

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Final Note

So that’s it for my guide to Nigerian Army SSC Shortlisted Candidates for 2020.

I hope you enjoyed it. Now I’d like to hear your take, Either way, let us know by leaving a quick comment below.

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