NNPC Past Questions and Answers (Practice Online Here)

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NNPC Past Questions and Answers (Practice Online Here)

NNPC Past Questions and Answers Find out how to Practice Online for free below.

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Example of How Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) Recruitment Past Questions and Answers look Like


Which of these is a domestic animal.

A. Cat

B. snake

C. Lion

D. Giraffe

Answer A

2) We keep food in the ____________ to prevent spoilage.

A. Shelve

B. cupboard

C. Fridge

D. Store

Answer C

3) Scientists perform Experiments in the ________.

A. Library

B. Lavatory

C. Laboratory

D. Lobby

  Answer C

4) Which of these seasons of the year is not present in Nigeria?

A. Harmattan

B. Dry

D. Raining

D. Winter

Answer D

5) Which of these options can be used to control plant growth around the house.

A. Genocide

B. herbicide

C. Insecticide

D. Kerosene

Answer B

6) A pedestrian travel on ___________.

A. Water

B. Bicycle

C. Foot

D. Train

Answer CPage 26

7) The sun or any star and the planets which move round it is referred to as ____.

A. Sunny system

B. Solar System

C. Solar Plexus

D. Solar power

Answer B

8) How many months of the year have less than 31 days?

A. 1

B. 3

C. 5

D. 7

Answer C

9) The patient was taken to the _________ by the doctor for the surgery.

A. Labour room

B. Laboratory

C. Theatre

D. Ward

Answer C

10) A female sheep is called

A. Kid

B. Fingerling

C. Ewe

D. Ram

Answer C

11) Which of these options is the act of killing oneself deliberately.

A. Poisoning

B. Suicide

C. Homicide

D. Patricide

Answer BPage 27

12) A distant object can appear closer if a__________ is used.

A. Microscope

B. Telescope

C. Stethoscope

D. Microphone

Answer B

13) The examination takes place quarterly means the examination takes place

A. Once in four months

B. Once in three months

C. Only in four places

D. Only in three places

Answer B

14) You can catch a glimpse of the queen means __________.

A. You can follow the queen

B. You can get a brief look at the queen

C. The glimpse belong to the queen

D. Queen can be seen always

Answer B

15) Which of these describe the way of life of a group of people.

A. Believe

B. religion

C. Culture

D. Food

Answer C

16) Which of these is not a type of religion.

A. Buddhism

B. Christianity

C. Cannibalism

D. Islam

Answer CPage 28 Naira Bookstore


17) The bony framework of an animal is its ____________.

A. Shape

B. Skeleton

C. Image

D. Archeologist

Answer B

18) Common salt is chemically called _____________.

A. Table Salt

B. Sodium chloride

C. food salt

D. Sodium Carbonate

Answer B

19) Iron can be prevented from rusting by __________.

A. Adding water

B. Painting

C. Exposure to air

D. Adding water and air

Answer B

20) To be able to sing the anthem I must know the __________.

A. Vocals

B. Choir

C. Lyrics

D. Title

Answer C

21) Which of these diseases is caused by tse – tse fly.

A. Cholera

B. Dysentery

C. Sleeping sickness

D. Malaria

Answer C

22) Which of these does not belong to the group?

A. Dog

B. Goat

C. Rat

D. Hen

Answer D

23) The process of making beer is called___________.

A. Brewing

B. Browning

C. Bearing

D. Boring

Answer A

24) Which of these is an example of body building food.

A. Yam

B. Egg

C. Coke

D. Butter

Answer B

25) Which of these is a good source of vitamin c.

A. Orange

B. Beans

C. Meat

D. Butter

Answer A

26) The period used by the fetus in the womb is called __________ period.

A. Hibernation

B. Gestation

C. Acclimatization

D. Growing

Answer BPage 30

27) Which of the professional travels into space.

A. Pilots

B. Divers

C. Astronaut

D. Space wagon

Answer C

28) The rainbow has __________ colours.

A. 5

B. 6

C. 7


Answer C

29) Which of these does not belong?

A. Teacher

B. Doctor

C. student

D. lawyer

Answer C

30) Divide 22 by half and deduct 4. What do you have?

A. 20

B. 30

C. 40

D. 7

Answer C

31) Tuned and Ade shared a certain sum of money. Tuned got #48 which was three times Ade’s

share. What was the amount shared?

A. #62

B. #64

C. #144

D. #96

Answer BPage 31

32) Great misfortune or disaster like thunderstorm which are not caused by man is called ___________.

A. Death problem

B. Natural disaster

C. Industrial disaster

D. artificial disaster

Answer B

33) If your father has two wives, the daughter of the other wife is your ______.

A. Sister

B. Half sister

C. Cousin

D. Step sister

Answer B

34) Electricity does not flow through rubber because it is ____________.

A. An insulator

B. A conductor

C. A condenser

D. A circuit

Answer A

35) The excretory system in the body does the work of ___________

A. Carrying blood

B. Removing food waste

C. Digesting food

D. Breathing

Answer B

36) A ruler is 30cm long. How many times can it be used to measure a distance of 4.2m?

A. 10

B. 14

C. 140

D. 12

Answer Ca Bookstore

37) Which of the instrument is used to measure rainfall.

A. Rain meter

B. rain gauge

C. rain level

D. water rate

Answer B

38) Butter and soap can be made from ___________.

A. Cocoa

B. Cotton

C. Palm oil

D. Crude oil

Answer C

39) Which of the following is not a voluntary organization?

A. Boys scout

B. Girls Guild

C. Red Cross

D. Road safety

Answer D

40) A place where people keep their money and Valuables is called ______.

A. Save

B. Security house

C. bank

D. Treasury

Answer C

41) The main implement used in mechanized farming is ___________.

A. Cutlass

B. Bull dozer

C. tractor

D. Hoe

Answer CPage 33 aira Bookstore

42) Which of the following is a member of the nuclear family?

A. Grandmother

B. Aunt

C. Brother

D. Nephew

Answer C

43) Which of these diseases is contagious?

A. Head ache

B. malaria

C. Cough

D. Stomach ache

Answer C

44) For proper ventilation, a house must have _____________ .

A. Toilets and bathrooms

B. Furniture and carpet

C. Windows and doors

D. Kitchen and store

Answer C

45) Malaria is a disease transmitted by _____________.

A. Water

B. Insect

C. Air

D. Food

Answer B

46) Lizard, crocodile and snake are examples of _______________ .

A. Mammals

B. Herbivores

C. Amphibians

D. Reptiles

Answer DPage 34

47) The plate _________________ by Ayo.

A. Was breaking

B. was broken

C. is broken

D. break

Answer B

48) Nigeria is surrounded by _____________ speaking countries.

A. English

B. French

C. German

D. Swahili

Answer B

49) Bello’s recent success got into his head. This means it made him ____________ .

A. Humble

B. More careful

C. Proud

D. Happy

Answer C

50) Bread is ________ in the oven

A. Made

B. Cooked

C. Dough

D. Baked

Answer Baked


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