NYIF Email Verification Link: Steps to Get Your Email Verification Link

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Are you an NYIF applicant that have been waiting for this NYIF Email Verification? How long have you been waiting for the message or checking your Email for it? nyif.nmfb.com.ng/app.

Hope you don’t mind if we tell you how to get the NYIF Email verification text? If yes, read below.

How to get a Verification Email at NYIF Login Portal

 Visit the official website nyif.nmfb.com.ng/, and click on login and provide the details used during the Registration. Just after you’ve done that, Click on “Didn’t receive token” and provide your Email address. and Click on “Summit” after some minutes check your Email address.


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  1. I have received the verification link but it saying the verification failed

  2. Tar Benjamin Charles says:

    Please, I may like you to help me resolve this issue. My wife Tar Doosuur Vivian registered with this e-mail, [email protected] instead of [email protected] which is a functional one. Kindly solve it so that she can get her pending mails from you.

  3. Gazali aliyu says:

    Money for business

  4. Dahiru Mohammed says:


  5. Bilal Adamu says:

    I get the mail verification link, but it is not working/opening

  6. Esther adeniji says:

    Have tried all d step to get my verification code but still have not gotten any email regarding it .pls help thanks

  7. Grace Elaigwu says:

    Mine is still not working. I have done everything and followed all instructions but I didn’t get the verification link. It keeps showing error with so many numbers all over my screen that I can’t understand

  8. Adumashi anuoluwapo paul says:

    If i want to apply for loan they always tell me that am not be traning, how can i be train and have acess for the loan please i want to know better

  9. musamu matsala cidaga gamil badedebane

  10. Abdullahi Musa says:

    Didn’t receive token

  11. Obotuke cyril says:

    I have been congratulated that my registration is confirmed and that I we receive a confirmation via my email.Almost 3months now I haven’t received it

  12. Obotuke cyril says:

    I have been congratulated that my registration is confirmed and that I we receive a confirmation via my email.why?

  13. Obotuke cyril says:

    Why haven’t I received it?

  14. Aminu s abdullahi says:

    I am a skillsan

  15. Aminu s abdullahi says:

    Help my business

  16. Shaba idris says:

    Your Comment I shaba idris i have not recive any form of message

  17. Idowu says:

    Please the link they sent to my eemail is not working

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