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However, we also, tends to feature NYSC  Mobilization calendar and NYSC Payment methods below.

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ABOUT NYSC Registration Portal

NYSC is an acronym for National Youth Service Corps which is a scheme set up by the Nigerian government to involve the country’s graduates in the development of the country.

Based on “history about NYSC” is that the unfortunate bedevils in our nation gave right to the establishment of the National Youth Service Corps by decree No.24 of 22nd May 1973 which stated that the NYSC is being established “with a view to the proper encouragement and development of common ties among the youths of Nigeria and the promotion.
However, NYSC have an age limit; and the age limit for NYSC is 30 years but after this age if you still wish to participate in the program I think you will still be allowed to do so. It is just the grace age for those who wants to be exempted from the program.

NYSC Login

The Fact:

Is that, once you have graduated from any of the Nigerian institutions or polytechnic, you’ll now have to register for the Nigeria Youth Service Corps Programme.

To do that;

  • GOTO: http://portal.nysc.org.ng to log in and then, VISIT: http://portal.nysc.org.ng/nysc2/ for registration.

However, the two registration processes are done using local cyber cafes notwithstanding, that the registration requires bio-metric data such as fingerprints which are easily done there.

Although, the NYSC registration process is free with a non compulsory fee of 3,000 Naira ($8).

Meanwhile, after registration begins, all prospective corps members are to travel to their deployed state for a three-week NYSC orientation course.

This NYSC orientation course includes guidelines for you “Kopas” or “otondos” to adapt to your posted communities, skills acquisition classes (SAED), Man O’ War drills, fun inter-platoon competitions and many more.

Furthermore, at the end of the orientation camping, you will be given a posting letter which we include a local government in the state where the corps member is posted to, a Place of Primary Assignment (PPA), where their duties will be carried out either as a teacher, health official, government official, and so on.

Although it is compulsory to serve at the deployed local government area, but, however, some corpers do have the opportunity to redeploy to another state or local government. Although this is usually based on health reasons, marital reasons, etc.

In addition, Immediately after the registration at the deployed local government, you will now be given a community development service (CDS) group.

Community Development Service (CDS) is a scheme directed at giving back to the community in which corps members are serving.

Mind you; CDS meetings are compulsory and hold once a week. CDS groups include Charity, Red Cross, Road Safety, Global Goals, Publicity, Dance & Drama, among others. Corps members are mandated to stay in their designated state all through the service.

However, in case of emergency or necessity, a corps member can apply for a temporary leave.

Finally, once you are done serving a certificate of discharge will be given to you to certify that you are an EX- CORPER. However, when you’ll want to work for any company of choice you’ll be asked to submit this NYSC discharge certificate.

We’re careersngr, we are not NYSC to that effect visit the Official website: http://www.nysc.gov.ng/ for more update.

NYSC Senate List


NYSC Senate list: is also known as Senate mobilization list.

This is a list of approved institutions whose students are eligible to be mobilized for the national service.

The question now is; How do you check for name on the NYSC Senate List Portal? To do that:

VISIT NYSC senate list portal at https://portal.nysc.org.ng/nysc2/VerifySenateLists.aspx

and then, pick your institution.

and input your matriculation number (MAT NO) and enter surname in the required boxes.

After that, select your date of birth.

Finally, press the ‘search’ button to see your mobilization status.

Read more: https://nysc-registration-portal/

NYSC Call up Letter

NYSC CallUp Number is a letter that have following features your name, your call-up number, your Gender, the institution you graduated from, your state of origin, the state you were deployed, officer-in-charge, the date you’re to report, your course of study, and address of the orientation camp. This letter will be used to identify you.

This NYSC call up letter will be printed before going to the orientation camp, because, the call-up letter will stand as a proof that you’ve signed for national service.

Remember, NYSC call-up number is quite different from NYSC certificate number, although the two keep confusing many acclaimed graduates and ex-corp members.

A corp member’s NYSC call-up number is the joining of different cutting of National Youth Service Corps, the state where you’re posted to, the school that mobilized you, year of service and the six-digit number that can be used to identify you.

For example:

NYSC call-up Letter looks this way NYSC/AB/BEN/218/142356

NYSC = National Youth Service Corps

AB = Abia State – where he/she is posted to serve

BEN = the University of Benin where he/she graduated from

218 = (2018)  the year he/she is mobilized for service

142356 = the unique number.

Read more: https://nysc-registration


According to “NYSC NEWS” the NYSC mobilization for 2019 have started.

Secondly, due to the increase in minimum wage from eighteen thousand naira (18,000) to thirty thousand naira (30,000) although, this positive increase have been suspected to commence on workers day celebration (being on 5th of may,2019) and to that effect the monthly stipend of nineteen thousand eight hundred naira (19,800),  which is popularly referred to as ‘allawi’ will now be increase to thirty one thousand eight hundred naira (31,800).

Things You Must Do Before Getting Started With  NYSC  Portal 2019 online Registration

The first thing you must do as a seeker of NYSC Mobilization 2019 Batch, is to check his or her name in NYSC Jamb Matriculation List or the  NYSC Senate list or it’s Equivalent

Secondly, You’ll have to check if  your programme was an accredited one in your institution and also, go to your school  and get your statement of result.

Is your Passport photograph(with white background) ready? You need to get it ready.

⇒ And also, your school ID card should also be ready.

So also, is your NYSC dressing kit available, make it ready.

⇒ You’ll definitely need an Email address, so therefore you need to open one for NYSC sake.

Are you married? You’ll need to make  your marriage certificate available.

⇒ And also, are you very strong? You also need to make available your medical report.

NYSC Mobilization Time-Table for 2019 

First and foremost, before you start your  NYSC 2019/2020 online registration, you’ll need to see NYSC 2019 Timetable.

How to Register for NYSC 2019/2020 Mobilization 


NYSC Biometric Requirements

See gone are those days when NYSC registration is done without your biometric.

So, what are the Biometric Requirements?

  • Firstly, digital persona 4500NYSC Batch 'A' Portal/Dashboard 4500 scanner scanner is the only required type of scanner. For the biometric  fingerprint capture.
  • Secondly, ensure that your passport photography is properly featured certifying all attributes. Like: Ensuring that the picture fills the frame, ensuring that the background is white or off-white and also that the size is 2×2.

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  1. A capture fingerprint through the Browser is not supported.
  2. You don’t need Licence to register online directly.
  3. Lastly,  if you encounter any errors, update your version immediately and install a new version.

For more visit NYSC Pre-registration Portal.


NYSC Portal 2019 Registration Dashboard

To get access to your NYSC 2019 Batch ‘A’ Portal/Dashboard.

This is what you need to do:

  • Click on the NYSC dashboard Then, you’ll need to login with your already registered account and thus,  click on Resume bottom to see dashboard.


Remember…your dashboard is where you manage all your data about NYSC 2019.

Do you agree with me that if you don’t make payment to federal government using remita pay engine for NYSC mobilization. Sorry to say this you’re going nowhere.

NYSC Payment Guide 2019

Look you will have to be very careful because you know there’s no refund. To that effect you need to kindly read the steps below carefully.

  • After a successful login “click on to make payment.
  • Click on “proceed to make payment” when then payment confirmation page is displayed.
  • And after that you’ll now be redirected to “remita pay engine” with several options.
  • Hence,  for cards or wallet. Click on ” pay now for either.
  • Finally, update  will be displayed if successful or not.

In short.

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