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Post-UTME Sample Questions and Answer for all Universities


Identify the word classes of each word in bold print as it is used in the following sentences.

  1. My father’s cook is on holidays.
    (A)Verb (B)Pronoun (C)Noun (D)Adverb (E)Adjective
  2. He was asked to walk lightly on the slippery carpet
    (A)Verb (B)Pronoun (C) Noun (D) Adverb (E)Adjective
  3. Which of the following is a division in literature.
    (A)Alliteration (B)Diction (C)Rhyme (D) Fiction (E) Genre
  4. Sentence refers to a group of related words containing a…….. and……….
    (A) Subject/Predicate (B)Phrase/Clause (C)Verb/Adverb (D) Morpheme/Question.
  5. The type of poetry that impacts moral ideals to the reader is…….. Poetry.
    (A)Divination (B)Elegy (C)Pastoral (D)Epic (E) Didactic
  6. Sentences are usually classified according to their function and………
    (A)declarative (B) Structure (C)lexis (D)Paragraph.
  7. The world in a literary text is a…… One.
    (A)moulded (B)fascinating (C) conceptualized (D) ideal (E) drawn

Complete the sentence with the correct option from the list given.

8.Not only Bob but also his mother…… angry.
(A) is (B)are (C) were (D)have been.

9.Rice and beans…….. served at the party.
(A)were (B) was (C)is being (D)were being.

10.The key organs of speech are
(A)Lungs, Adam’s Apple and Mouth. (B)Lung, Throat and Tongue (C)Lungs, Nose and Mouth (D) All of the above.

  1. Intonation is reflected mainly through………..
    (A) Pitch of voice (B)Volume of sound (C) Length of speech (D)Energy exerted.

Carefully identify the grammatical names and function of the word in bold print.

  1. The devastating earthquake occurred immediately the downpour subsided.
    (A)Adjective phrase as subject (B)Noun clause as subject (C)Noun clause as predicate (D)Adverbial Clause as Modifier.

Choose the word or expression that is nearest in meaning to the word in bold print.

  1. The young Princess has a great penchant for both Nollywood and Hollywood.
    (A)likeness (B) interest (C)aversion (D)fear
  2. The Administrative Secretary is notorius for being discourteous.
    (A)violent (B)unapproachable (C)disobedient (D) rude

Choose the appropriate interpretation for the sentence

  1. The Confidential Secretary was fired for incompetence and truancy.
    (A)He was burnt (B) He was suspended (C)He was transferred (D) He was sacked. . BIOLOGY
    13………….. Are organic catalysts which speed up the rate of chemical and metabolic reactions.
    (A)acids (B)reagents (C) enzymes (D)reactants.
  2. Protozoa move by means of………
    (A)cilia (B)pseudopodia (C)water flow (D) Flagella.
  3. Yeasts are not unicellular organisms.
    (A) True (B) False
  4. The female anopheline that transmit malaria parasite belongs to the order.
    (A) insecta (B) arachnida (C)echinoderm (D) protozoan.
  5. Gametes are usually
    (A)Noniploid (B)Polyploid (C) Haploid (D) Diploid.
  6. Which hormone is popularly termed “fight or flight”?
    (A) epinephrine (B) gluthatione (C) (D) (E)
  7. Protozoa………..
    (A)move by means of cilia (B) move by means of flagella (C) move by pseudopodia (D) protozoan has no inner skeleton.
  8. Which of these structures contain stones for grinding?
    (A)stomach (B) Gizzard (C) teeth (D)crop.
  9. Which of the following enzymes cannot digest carbohydrates.
    (A)maltase (B)ptyalin (C)all of the above (D) none of the above.
  10. African Mistletoe is an example of……….. plant.
    (A)saprophytic (B) parasitic (C) symbiotic (D) viral.
  11. Many……… form a family and many………. form a kingdom.
    (A) (B)genera and phyla (C) genus and phylum (D) genus and division.
  12. The most primitive phylum of the metazoan grade triploblastica is……..
    (A) planarians (B) Platyhelminthes (C)flukes (D) none of the above.
  13. Evolution and adaptation to various habitats result in differences that bring about…….. In organisms.
    (A) Diversity (B) category (C) family (D) phylogeny.
  14. A typical example of Commensalism is
    (A) Barnacles and whales (B) bacteria and herbivores (C)worm and man (D) freshwater alga and turtle. MATHEMATICS
  15. Simplify Log√7/log7
    (A)-3/2 (B) 1/2 (C) 2/3 (D) -2/3
  16. How many subsets has the set P=(1,3,5)
    (A) 9 (B)14 (C) 8 (D)None.
  17. Given the equation 10X^2 + 6x-1.8=O
    (A) 11, 2 (B) 0.22, -0.82 (C) 18, 6 (D) None.
  18. The derivative of a constant function is
    (A) 1 (B) 0 (C) -1 (D) none.
  19. Two dice are rolled once, find the probability of obtaining a number divisible by 3.
    (A)2/3 (B) 1/2 (C) 1/3 (D) 1/4
  20. The mean of the number 3,6,4, x and 7 is 5. Find the standard deviation.
    (A) √2 (B) √3 (C)2 (D) 3.
  21. If the mean of two distributions 3,X,Y and 3x, 4,y, 5 are 6 and 3 respectively. Find the values of x and y.
    (A)6, 15 (B) -6,21 (C)5,26 (D)-5,26.
  22. In a survey of 500 students in a school, 100 were listed as smokers and 150 as gum chewers;75 were listed as both smokers and gum chewers. Find out how many students are neither smokers nor gum chewers.
    (A)225 (B) 250 (C) 325 (D) 425.
  23. The sum of first n terms of an arithmetic progression is 252. If the first term is -16 and the last term is 72, find the number of terms in the series.
    (A) 6 (B) 7 (C)8 (D) 9
  24. Find the domain of the function f(x) =X^2-1
    (A) B) Q (C) Z (D) C


  • Newton’s first law of motion gives the concept of
    (A) energy (B) work (C) momentum (D) inertia (E)moment.
  • What is the tension in the rope pulling a mass of 150kg if it is accelerated at 5ms
    (A)750N (B)350N (C)1500N (D) 2100N
  • A 50kg boy is in a lift, what is the apparent weight of the boy.
    (A)500N (B) 600N (C)800N (D)1200N
  • A coil of 1.5H and a resistance of 500π are in series what the 120volts, 60Hz AC supply.
    Find the current flowing in the coil.
    (A)0.06A (B)2.0A (C) 0.159A (D)12.0A
  • Two vectors A and B acting at a point are given as A=2i+5k and B=5-8k. their resultant is
    (A) 2i+5j-3k (B)2i-5j+13k (C) 5j-2i-3k (D)7i+3k.
  • A uniform beam 2 m long weighing 20 N rests on two supports at its ends. A 10 N block is placed on the 50cm mark. Find the forces acting on the support.
    (A)12.5N, 21.25N (B) 17.5N, 12.5N (C) 8.75N, 21.25N (D) 19.5N, 10.5N.
  • One of the features of the clinical thermometer that makes it preferably adequate foe hospital use than ordinary thermometer is
    (A)shortness (B)short scale range (C)high sensitivity of the thermometric liquid (D) constriction.
  • The f two vectors P=4i+3j-k and U=i-5j-2k is
    (A)-14i+7j+-11k (B)14 (C) 2(D)4i-6j+4k.
  • Condition for internal reflection is/are?
    (I) Light mist pass from an optically dense to a denser medium (ii)light must pass from water to glass. (iii) the incident angle must be greater than the critical angle. (iv)the incident angle must be 90degrees.

(A)i,ii, iii (B)i, iii, iv (C) iii only (D)ii and iii.

  1. A pin is placed in front of a concave mirror having a focal length of 10cm will have its image described as follows
    (A)Real image, 10cm in front of mirror (B)Real image, 0.5cm behind the mirror (C) Virtual, 10.0cm behind the mirror (D) Virtual, 0.05cm in front of the mirror.
  2. The speed of light traveling in various medium increases in the following correct order
    (A) air, water, iron bar. (B)iron bar, water, air (C)iron bar, air, water (D)water, iron bar, air.
  3. The magnetic force on a charge moving in a magnetic field is given as
    (A)F=Vq x B (B) F=qV x b (C) F=BV x q (D) F=B x qV.
  4. A source of sound produces waves in air of wavelength 1.64m. If the speed of sound in air is 330ms, the period of vibration in second is
    (A)200 (B)2.0 (C)0.5 (D) 0.005.
  5. The presence of AC circuit
    (A)increases the flow of current in the circuit (B) stabilizes the voltage and current flow in the circuit. (C) impedes the flow of current in the circuit. (D) equalizes the voltage and current levels in the circuit.
  6. Which of the following statement is not correct?
    (A)a magnetic field is a region where a magnetic force can be deduced. (B) A line of force is a line along which a magnetic north pole would tend to move if it were free (C) Magnetic fields are scalar quantities (D) neutral points are obtained where the earth’s magnetic force is equal and opposite to that of a magnet.
  7. The maximum displacement of particles of a wave from their equilibrium positions is called
    (A)Wave Velocity (B)Period (C) Amplitude (D)Wavelength.
  8. The time taken for sound to fade away in a building is called ?
    (A)Beats (B) Resonating Time (C) Doppler’s Effect (D) Reverberation Time.
  9. What is the common characteristics of all wave motion?
    (A) restoring force (B)spring constant (C) wave speed (D)wavelength.
  10. The point where an object must be placed in respect to a converging lens so that the magnification is 1 is
    (A) its focal length (B) twice its focal length (C) three timed its focal length (D) it is not possible to estimate because the image distance is not given.
  11. Which of the following substance sublimes?
    (A) solid camphor (B) petrol (C) water (D)ice block.
  12. Images formed by a plane mirror is
    (A)laterally inverted (B) upside down (C) its perpendicular distance from the mirror equals its perpendicular distance from the object from the mirror (D) virtual.
  13. The amount of light entering a camera is controlled by (A)lens (B)film (C) diaphragm (D) shutter.

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