How to Start Fish Farming in Nigeria – See Elementary Guide HERE


Fish Farming in Nigeria 2019

This page is on How to Start Fish Farming in Nigeria and we’re going to show you the basics of setting up your own fish  farm.

Do you know that eighty seven percent (87%) of fish farmers make close to eight hundred thousand (800,000) a month. Yet, we find few investors  in Fish  Farming.

The question is: Why?

Because everyone wants a white collar job and lack this  information about How to start Fish Farming business in Nigeria.

In short,

In this How to start Fish Farming in Nigeria pdf guide we’ll teach you how simple its to of start earning a huge amount money from fish farming.


The bottom line:

What is fish farming?

Fish farming involves raising of fish for example; Catfish, in tank or in enclosures such as fish ponds.


How to Start Fish Farming in Nigeria PDF (Elementary Step by Step Approach)

You’ll agree with me that Fish Farming is very less expensive to start, compared to others Such as, pig and cattle farm.

First and foremost:

Fish Farming Land

Some people thinks that, you need all the lands to start up fish farming in Nigeria.

But, here’s the kicker!

With a half plot of land you are set to Start your fish farming.


With more than one plot you’re at an advantage. Notwithstanding, that You can also choose to use your compound for fish farming.

Construction of fish farming ponds

There’s no fish farming without ponds.

So therefore, a construction of quality ponds is very necessary. And should be constructed by an expert pond construction engineer. So as to properly fix the plumbing work for the drainage to flow proper.

Without a borehole the pond is useless.


Mount a Borehole

The life wire of every fish is water.

So, borehole is the most important method you’ll never neglect. For you to be successful in fish farming businessman in Nigeria  this is what you need:

⇒ Change of water on regular intervals.

⇒ Avoid Water with chemical source.

A borehole is the key but, an overhead tanks is very  crucial.

See why?

Installation of Overhead Tanks 

Do you know that, water’s  from the borehole get to the ponds through the Overhead tanks because it serves as water reservoir.

This is what it looks like.

Fish farming in Nigeria 2019

Yes,  with all this ready you’re set for the race. But, the question is: what about Juvenile fish.


Getting Juvenile Fish

Fish Farming in Nigeria 2019

You cannot be “Jack of all trades” However, to get juvenile fish you’ll have to contact a juvenile fish supplier.

Finally, any knowledge without practice is useless.


Take a break.!

How to Start Fish Farm Training in Nigeria


To start a fish farm training the first thing you will have to do, is:

  • To get yourself attached with a successful fish farmer and Start your 1 month training  I bet you, between a year you’re at the top.

Take A Tour:

Other Vital information 


The types of fish farming? Of which there are various types of fish such as, catfish fish ,  Tilapia and mackerel etc


Which type of fish farming is the best?

For warmth climate, catfish is the best.


What is cage fish farming?

This types of fish farming is also known as off-Shore cultivation it is used in ponds, lake,  rivers and ocean etc to protect fish until they are harvested.

You maybe wondering if this cage farming is different from cage culture. The answer is yes.


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Above all:


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