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40 Comforting Sudden Death and Loss of a Son Poems and Quotes

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These sudden death and loss of a son poems and quotes can help you find a bit of consolation. When faced with a tragic incident of death you may need to find the best comforting words to ease the pain of loss,

One of the most heartbreaking moments in a parent’s life is losing their son.You might need to express your sentiments verbally in order to comfort someone else, yourself, or both.


These quotes on a son’s loss are encouraging during this depressing period.They convey the depth of their sorrow over the death of the child.These may also be expressions of compassion for the loss, condolences.


Sudden Loss of a Son Quotes 

  • Even the youngest people leave a mark on the world.
  • There’s not much we can do for those we lose except pray for them.
  • Death is nothing but a new beginning in another world.
  • “A loss to us is a gain to our God so let’s rejoice to those who will see him after this life.”
  • “The loss of a son is similar to losing a part of you, a legacy buried in darkness never to be found again.”
  • “The longest walk home that any parent will ever take is the one after their child has “run” ahead of them.”
  • “I always live through the slow days by having hope that someday I am going to be reunited with my lovely son forever.”
  • “To lose a son under those circumstances – a violent death like my son went through, it just puts a burden on your heart.” “sudden death and loss of a son poems and quotes”
  • “There’s no tragedy in life like the death of a child. Things never get back to the way they were.” – D.Eisenhower
  • “For no soul can ever be replaced, and death claims a beauty and a magnificence that will always be missed.” ― Jocelyn Soriano
  • “My son may be a man to the world, but he will always be, my little boy to me and I love him more than most could ever believe.”
  • “The way you left so suddenly, it feels like you could reappear at any time. You’re gone, but you still feel very close.  “sudden death loss of a son poems and quotes”
  • “A son can bear with equanimity the loss of his father, but the loss of his inheritance may drive him to despair.” – Niccolo Machiavelli
  • “The heavens always have a reason for taking the people you love from you. As for you my lovely son, it sounds like you were too good for the earth.”
  • “An angel opened up the book of life and wrote down my baby’s birth. Then she whispered as she closed the book, “He’s too beautiful for Earth.”
  • “When the young bury the old, time heals the pain and sorrow. But when the process is reversed, the sorrow remains forever.” – Joseph P. Kennedy
  • “Like a switch that was flipped, you were suddenly gone, and I was left without your light.”

Grieving Mother Quotes 

  • I cannot bring you back, my son, but I can pray that you are smiling in heavens, knowing that your momma loves you always!
  • You are forever missed, my boy! This emptiness I feel will never go away, but I’ll try to find comfort in knowing you cannot be harmed again.
  • I pray to God to bring you back, but I know my prayers will be in vain. My son, know your momma misses you every moment of every day.
  • My heart hurts after losing you, my son, but it gets a little easier every day knowing you are safe and at peace. Sending you virtual hugs and love.
  • The world is a little sadder without you here, my dear son, and our house is quieter. We miss you so much and will never stop loving you. “sudden death and loss of a son poems and quotes”
  • My sweet son in heaven, our bond was like no other. Being your mother was the greatest joy of my life and I look forward to being reunited with you. Love, Mom.
  • The house is too quiet without you around to fill it with laughter from your jokes. I wish I could hear that sweet sound again. Be at peace, my sweet son.
  • Life was cruel to take you away from us, my sweet son. I know everything happens for a reason, though. Maybe you were just meant to be our guardian angel. We will never stop loving you.
  • You were without a doubt the biggest joy of my life. May your light shine forever on us from heaven. Loving you and missing you dearly, son.
  • Ever since you passed, I feel a piece of my heart is missing. I know I’ll get it back when we are reunited some day, my son. I love you always – Love, Mom.

Hurting Quotes 

  • Though you are suddenly gone from this world, you will never leave the universe of my heart.
  • “I don’t need anything in this world, but to see your lovely face once again. You left me too soon, my son, and I’ll miss you forever.”
  • “Son, no farewell words were spoken, no time to say goodbye, you were gone before we knew it, and only God knows why.”
  • Everything changed one day, and yet nothing changed. My love for you continues on.
  • The moment you left this life was the moment I knew you’d always be with me in spirit.
  • I didn’t get to say goodbye to you, but the truth is, I don’t think I ever could have anyway.
  • You were my person, and even though you’re suddenly gone, I know you still are.

Comforting Messages for The Loss of a Son

  • Make your loss a part of you, and you will lead a fulfilling life.
  • Hope is the only thing that can get you through the death of a son.
  • Parents should never have to go through the experience of burying their own child. I’m very sorry for your loss and may your sweet angel rest in peace up above.
  • I cannot imagine the sadness that you must be feeling right now, and I know that nothing can ever make you feel the same again even after decades. Rest in peace, little angel.
  • May your family be blessed with strength, love and peace knowing that there is plenty of support all around you. “sudden death and loss of a son poems and quotes”
  •  I wish I knew the right words to say, but there’s nothing that would ever sound right. Know that you are in my prayers for the loss that you have gone through.
  • The loss of a child is one of the saddest things that you can endure. The memories of your young one will always stay in us.  “sudden death loss of a son poems and quotes”
  • Losing a child is simply heartbreaking, and I can only hope you find the strength to endure this horrifying period.

Loss of a Son Poems

Of  A Dear Son

Something will remind me

I never know just when –

It might be something someone says

and it all comes back again.

The times we spent together

the happiness and the fun –

Once again I feel the pain

of life without my Son.

It’s said that time’s a healer

I’m not sure this is true –

There’s not a day goes by Son

that I don’t cry for you.

By Alan G

Special Son

To lose someone so special

Is really hard to bear

It hardly seems believable

That you’re no longer there

You left us far too early

Before your time, it seems

And now you’ll never have the chance

To fulfill all those dreams

However hard it is though

We’ll take comfort in the thought

Of all the memories we have

And the happiness you brought

You always lived life to the full

But ours won’t be the same

Until the day when we can see

Your smiling face again.

Sweet Son

It’s sometimes hard to know

why some things happen as they do 

For so much joy and happiness

was centered around you.

It seems so hard to comprehend

that you’re no longer here 

But all the happy memories

will help to keep you near.

You’re thought about with pride, Son

with each mention of your name 

Death cannot change a single thing

the love will still remain.

Blessed Son

The Heavenly gates stood open

that long and painful day 

Farewells were left unspoken

as you slowly slipped away.

Beautiful memories of you, son

sprayed with a million tears.

How we wish, God had spared you

for just a few more years.

Thank you for the love you gave us.

Thank you for the love we shared.

We only pray that when you left

you knew how much we cared.

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