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Best Way to Answer Tell Me About Yourself Interview Question 

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The question tell me about yourself is always asked in every interview, though the interviewer may decide to restructure the question by asking instead to work me through your CV, what do we need to know about You? Describe yourself and many other ways.  


But the important thing is for you to first of all  recognize that they’re simply asking the question “Tell Me About Yourself”

Also when an interviewer asks you this question, not only are they looking for evidence that you are qualified to perform the duties, but also that you will fit in well with the team and the culture of the company. 

So your answer should be one to convince them. 


If you’re looking for the best way to tackle this interview question of tell me about yourself then you should get on to reading this article.


Approaches You Can Use to Answer

Before you begin answering this question you need to have planned an answer to give when you are asked.

How to Put Your Answer Together

  • You need to consider what skills you have with relative to the role your interviewing for.
  • Your unique trait that can serve the best interest of the organization.
  • Your reason for having interest in the company.

Now let’s get started with answering the question Tell me about yourself, the approaches includes

Tell Who You Are

Your first sentence should serve as an introduction to your professional identity, a summary of your strengths, and a glimpse into your personality.

Quickly and gracefully accomplishing this can be difficult. But setting up a piece ahead of time and constant practice is a good way to nail it.

Point out experiences and achievements that relate to the job: if you have read the job description, list out all the skills that the role requires and make sure to include it when answering the question. Also narrate some achievements or success you have made while utilizing those skills.

Concentrate on Your Strengths and Abilities and Support It With Some Examples

Make sure to state the areas that advance your strengths and when you do, focus on outcomes and specifics that you can quantify. For example you can say “improve” instead of “change”.

Figure Out How Your Current Job is Related to The One You Seek

If it is a higher pay job, describe how your current position is requiring you to take on more responsibilities.

Describe how your existing skills translate to the new position if you are moving into a role requiring different skills

Give a Total Breakdown of Your Personality

Don’t ever assume that the interviewer have gone through your CV and so he or she should have some basic information, 

remember is a tell me about yourself question make you to include all the relevant things about yourself that the interviewer needs to know, use the opportunity to create a suitable pitch that can actually make you stand out.

Remember to always keep it short but make sure it is catching and focused on the relevant things.

Format Your Response

You should organize your response in accordance with a format or formula if you want it to be clear and concise.You might want to think about one of two common formulas:

Present, past and future 

Past, present and future

You can decide to choose any of these two formats but first you need to consider the roles and skills from your experience that are more important to the current position you seek. 

Lead with the present, for instance, if your most recent position highlights many of the skills and qualifications required for your desired position.

However, you might want to lead with your past if you’re making a career change and your previous experience is more closely related to the role than your current position.

Example Answers for Tell Me About Yourself Question

Here are a few brief format that demonstrate how this question can successfully highlight someone’s strengths in just few minutes 


“I’ve been passionate about design since I was a kid. My parents remodeled their house when I was in high school and allowed me to play an active role in the interior design plans. I knew then that I wanted to pursue interior design as my career. I studied interior design at Savannah College of Art and Design and graduated four years ago.

“Since college, I’ve worked at an interior design firm in Savannah, Georgia. During my time there, I’ve been able to build my portfolio by designing both residential and commercial spaces. My experience at the firm has built up my proficiencies in building and cutting-edge technologies and allowed me to build strong relationships with local suppliers. The most rewarding part of my job has been working in Savannah’s historic buildings. 

This experience has familiarized me with best-in-class building preservation.

“Moving forward, I would love to work at a design firm like yours that specializes in the design and preservation of historical buildings. I believe my experience and passion for preservation will allow me to be a great asset to your design team.”


“I’m an attorney with more than ten years of experience at two international law firms, where my experience representing pro bono clients inspired me to make a career change into the non-profit world.

I’m confident that my skills and experience would make me a great fit for the Director of Legal Affairs role for your organization.

I have a track record of success as a Transactional Attorney and years of experience performing research and analysis and negotiating complicated cases. I also have extensive experience advising leaders of large organizations on legal matters of all kinds.

I have represented a number of non-profits in my pro-bono work and found that work to be rewarding as well as a great fit for my strengths and abilities.

I have a particular passion for literacy causes, which is why I was so drawn to this position.

These examples represent some of the best ways to tackle the questions tell me about yourself, though your answer should not be exactly the way it is here but it should contain all the basic points that these examples reflect.

Other Tips for Answering Tell Me About Yourself Question

Practice: Before an interview always make sure to practice and strategize on the best ways to present your answers, though it’s not advisable to memorize your answers but do well to familiarize them as this will help you stay specific and focused.

Confidence: Build up your confidence, some interviewers look out for your confidence level,but not to say to be arrogant or display arrogance in the form of confidence. 

Don’t be unprofessional: avoid the use of slags or slogans to answer questions in order to be clear and help your interviewer understand your answers.

Stay positive: you don’t want to make any negative comments with regards your previous job, employer and colleagues as this might affect the way the interviewer might perceive you.

Make a good first impression: good impressions or first impressions lasts long even after you are gone, so do well to leave a good impression behind as it might be a way for the hiring manager to distinguish you from others.

Make your answer to be role and company focused: Before going for a job interview always do an intense research about the organization and also the role you’re applying for so as to get your answers to align to both the organizational goals and the job roles.

Now It’s Your Turn

Do you think you can confidently answer the question tell me about your self after going through this article?

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