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15 Finest Study Abroad Programs for South Asian Trainees

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What are Study Abroad Programs?

Study abroad programs” is a chance to pursue your college studies in a foreign country. Students attend lectures or carry out research at a foreign university or through their home university’s study-abroad program. Participants typically live in a residence hall, apartment, or with a local family through a homestay.


Some students enroll in an international program for a semester or a year, but others take the full plunge and earn their entire degrees in a different country.

Now, the south Asian trainee Program is currently designed to develop recent undergraduates into future leaders. The program allows soon-to-be or recent graduates to gain practical experience in different walks of life functions and grow an international network through cross-functional working relationships.

This helps to develop a global mindset for an exciting and challenging international career. The South Asian Studies Program (SASP) is devoted to the enhancement of instruction and research. Inclusively, the dissemination of knowledge about India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Nepal, and Sri Lanka, etc. Thereby, molding trainees into professionals coupled with the practical knowledge absorbed.

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Finest Study Abroad Programs for South Asian Trainees

That being said, this article will draw your attention to the top 15 finest study programs for South Asian trainees.

1. TEAN: China Semester in Shanghai:

TEAN, the Education Abroad Network, is a 20-year industry leader in study abroad programs in Asia and the South Pacific. The company was founded by two Americans that now reside in China who, like you, have a passion for studying abroad. TEAN has several study abroad programs in China. TEAN works in partnership with the University of Virginia Mandarin program, so you’ll learn from both Chinese and Western experts in their fields.

The program is broad in scope as participants choose from over 120 courses at Fudan U. In your free time, you can explore the vibrant and dynamic city of Shanghai. Enjoy the orientation program provided by TEAN, where you’ll stop by local markets, learn about Tai Chi, and even take a cooking class. If you’re looking for a wide variety of courses in an international hub, TEAN is the one you want for study abroad programs in China

2. Omeida Chinese Academy: Mandarin Language Program in China’s Mountain Paradise:

Omeida Chinese Academy offers a one-of-a-kind immersion experience for students who are serious about learning Mandarin.

Those who study the Chinese language with Omeida Chinese Academy will also be in a prime position to make friends from all over the world; Omeida students will be in close proximity to native Chinese students who are learning English at the college next door. (Sounds like you’re all set for study buddies!) Accommodation is included with this program, as well as internet access, free use of washing machines, and meals on weekdays. Start dates are each week year-round.

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3. IES Abroad Shanghai Economy Business and Society:

China is quickly taking the stage as a superpower of global business, and there is no better place to see it up close than in Shanghai, an international hub of commerce and finance. Business and economic majors should take a look at the semester abroad in Shanghai with IES. This is not your average study abroad provider. IES is a non-profit, mission-driven organization dedicated to providing quality, award-winning programs with a commitment to diversity and inclusion. Plus, they offer five million in scholarship funds every year!

In the IES Shanghai program, you’ll study Mandarin and choose other courses to dig deep into the nuances of Chinese business culture and its economy. You’ll be at one of the top-tier universities in Shanghai, Fudan, or Jiao Tong University. The best part about this program? There’s a field trip to other Asian cities like Tokyo or Seoul for a comparative analysis! China study abroad programs like IES make you realize that you can’t learn about the Asian economy from a book. There is no better way to experience these dynamic global cities than to be there. IES helps you learn about business in Asia from within.

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4. GT-Shenzhen- Study Engineering in China:

You probably already know that Georgia Tech University is a big name in STEM. Well, they also happen to have a summer study abroad program in Shenzhen, which is quickly becoming known as the Silicon Valley of China. Courses with George Tech are taught inside the High Tech Industry park of Shenzhen, so you’re just steps away from hundreds of high-tech companies.

Though the program is summer only, participants can earn 8-10 college credits; coursework includes Mandarin classes, plus a choice of statistics, electronics, and engineering classes. Transfer credit is available for non-GT students. Put Georgia Tech on your resume and spend a summer in one of the best tech cities in China.

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5. USAC Chengdu Chinese Language and Culture Studies:

Chengdu, the capital city in the Sichuan province, is known for its beautiful mountainous backdrop scenery and panda bear. Choose USAC, which is a non-profit consortium of study abroad and university partnerships designed to help students find affordable and quality study abroad programs.

This is a university-based and mission-driven organization to help students create meaningful experiences abroad. In this USAC program, you’ll study at the University of Chengdu, which is a growing city in Central China. Experience cultural traditions of both Chinese and Tibetan foods and festivals.

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6. IFSA: Contemporary India

Explore contemporary India as a complex yet unified multi-cultural, multi-linguistic, religiously pluralistic democracy, and rising economic superpower. Study development, economics, and social issues in Pune, a vibrant, bustling city that has long been considered India’s academic center and has a thriving student scene.

Host to many of the country’s most forward-thinking NGOs and multi-national businesses, Pune is also an ideal location to do hands-on fieldwork by electing to complete an internship, documentary film, or directed research project.

The program center is based at Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics. You will live like a Pune resident, staying with an Indian host family and commuting to campus by auto rickshaw. Two long-weekend excursions will take you out of the classroom and expose you to a different side of India.

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The department of South and Southeast Asian studies at Berkeley focuses heavily on language. But classes about literature, philosophy, and religion are also available. Beyond that, there are classes centered around ancient and modern studies and socio-cultural disciplines. 


Southeast Asian studies is a concentration within the Asian studies major at the University of Washington. Students take classes such as The Rise of Asia, History of Southeast Asia, Filipino Histories, and the Vietnam Wars. The program aims to familiarize students with all of the Southeast Asian countries, and languages classes are available for Thai, Indonesian, Tagalog, Burmese, and Vietnamese. 

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Southeast Asian studies are available as a minor at Cornell. While we wish it was offered as a major, the breadth of the course offerings made the program worth mentioning. The school offers classes about language, literature, religion, culture, history, politics, anthropology, sociology, and economics. The Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies has more information about lectures, extracurricular activities, and events.


South and Southeast Asia is one of three concentrations available in Asian studies major, which is a cooperative program of the Claremont colleges. The major requires 8 Asian studies courses and three years of language.


South and Southeast Asian studies are grouped into a minor at the University of Montana, and students are required to take 18 credits worth of classes. The offerings include classes about culture, history, and societies; and literary, artistic, and religious traditions. Language is not a requirement. 

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We almost didn’t write about this program because it’s yet to be released, but it could be helpful to students applying in the future. Starting in the fall of this year, Wisconsin will offer a B.A. in Asian Languages and Cultures. Southeast Asian studies is one of three available concentrations, and we will update this post when more information is released in coming weeks.

13. Bachelor of Business and Information Systems Programs:

The business world is growing very fast and so are the systems supporting it. The Bachelor of Business and Information Systems (BBIS) at UMT has been designed for students who want to pursue careers in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) focusing on managing information systems in organizations.

At UMT, participants have to follow coursework and an Industry Based Learning (IBL). Once they are able to complete their coursework, they opt for industry experience in their final year through our corporate partnership. It enables them to put their knowledge and abilities into practice in real-life situations.

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The program promotes cognitive and technical skills among students to create and manage cohesive business solutions for diverse organizations. Our graduates understand the role and contribution of information systems in driving and enabling the achievement of business goals and objectives. Under the supervision of well-qualified faculty, they are able to develop well-balanced knowledge of organizations, ethical issues, people management, and communication skills along with technical and problem-solving skills.

Once they become capable of evaluating, designing, implementing, managing, and utilizing systems, they are able to generate solutions to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of core business operations. The degree has been designed to produce information and business sense graduates and train them for new business-critical information system roles. A career in information systems includes job titles such as Chief Information Officer (CIO), Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Manager Information System (MIS), Project Manager, ICT Business Analyst, ICT System Analyst, Enterprise Resource Planning Consultant, Technology Consultant, Information System Engineer, and others.

14. Madura:

is the hub of Madurai District in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is the third-largest city in Tamil Nadu. Below you will find our list of Study Abroad and Internship programs in Madurai, India. It is an index of international education in Madurai listing university level study abroad, internships, volunteer and intensive language school programs oriented to American college and university students. Some pre-college and post-graduate options are also included.

15. Brandeis-India Fellowship Program:

The Fellows Program offers limited funding for the development of creative projects aimed at building ties between Brandeis University and Indian alumni, partners, and organizations. India Fellows projects can be carried out as part of a summer internship, study abroad program, research project, or volunteer program. Awards range from $500 – $2000 and can be used in addition to other university funding as well as personal and external funding.

Frequently Asked Questions about Finest Study Abroad Programs for South Asian Trainees

i. Can I Sit in Classes From this Department Without Enrolling?

Contact the teacher of each course that you are considering attending since different teachers have different opinions due to classroom-size constraints, etc. A few do approve of class auditing, where the only difference with enrolling would be that auditing does not result in a letter grade on your transcript.

ii. What Classes are Recommended for the South Asia Studies (SAST) Major/Minor?

Our course offerings are designed to serve a range of student interests and cover a variety of topics, regions, disciplines, and languages. Visit our course page for a full list of course offerings.


Writing about education in the South Asian region means writing about one-fourth of the world’s population. However, I do have a wonderful academic experience.