Top 16 Cheapest Cities in the UK For International Students

The United Kingdom, also known as, Britain offers considerable and temporary residency in its cities for international students, coming through under scholarship programs/self sponsoring, resort, tourism, and the like. Related: 15 free Accredited High Schools for a Diploma Online (Zero Cost).

Aside, being the home of some of the world’s most prestigious universities, London alone houses 15 top institutions around the globe. So, it’s no surprise that the cost of living in the UK can be quite exorbitant for international students, especially in the large cities housing popular destinations.

As estimated, the minimum cost of living as recommended by UKVI for studying outside London is £1,015 per month, which can be a difficult budget. However, we do have cheap and affordable cities readily available to harbor international students.

Cheapest Cities in the UK for International Students

Here is compiled a list of cities we believe are very accommodating for international students and are also relatively cheap to live in. Related: 17 Best Places to Study in Europe.


With its weekly rent of £118.80 is among the ten cheapest places to live in the UK. For just £30 you can purchase a travel pass. Lincoln is famous for its Christmas Market – in early December nearly half a million people visited the city to buy festive gifts, eat festive food and ride the fairground attractions in the castle grounds and the streets around the cathedral.


Besides being the capital city of Wales, Cardiff city is one of the most affordable cities to live in for students in the UK. On an average level, the city has a monthly rent of £114.19. In addition to this, public transport isn’t expensive, so you don’t necessarily need to purchase an apartment near your university’s campus. Inclusively, Cardiff is where the University of Cardiff is located, the only Welsh university member of the Russell Group universities. What makes the city of Cardiff more affordable is the fact that most of the students studying there are engaged in a part-time job boosting their incomes and receiving many funds from different sources.

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Despite being the capital city of Northern Ireland, Belfast is one of the cheapest places to live in the UK for international students. In Belfast, you can get an apartment with a weekly rent of £113. In this city, you’ll find the lowest taxi fares among all other UK places.


The city of Leicester is highly valued and known for its cheaper transport. On average, it will cost you £29 to get a travel pass. As for the rent, the weekly rent ranges around £133.79 which can be considered reasonable and fair.


Except for being a very friendly location, the city of Newcastle, is very cheap. On average, the weekly rent in Newcastle goes up at £117.93.

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Lancaster is a town in the district of Lancashire. In Lancaster, you can have a beer for £2.80. This is the lowest price of all the cheapest places to live in the UK. The weekly rent is on average £139. In addition to this Lancaster, will provide you with a unique place to live.


Coventry has experienced an increase in some of the living expenses, but it could still be counted as some of the cheapest places to live in the UK for students. However, renting is a bit cheaper at just £135 per week.

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Stirling is one of the places which is becoming much affordable for international students. In 2017 you could rent a room in Stirling costing just £115 per week. Public transport is also free saving students, that cost of transportation. You can have a travel pass in this city for £30, meaning it has one the cheapest traveling prices between the aforementioned places.


The city of Warwick is also one of the cities introduced in the list of the cheapest places to live in the UK for students. Here you can purchase a two-bedroom for an acceptable price of £119 per week and get a travel pass for £49.88 within the city.


Aberdeen, a port city in Northeast Scotland, is the third-most populous city in Scotland, yet one of the most affordable. Since the discovery of North Sea oil in 1969, Aberdeen has been known as the off-shore oil capital of Europe and was the center of Europe’s petroleum industry.

The soaring cost of oil and property prices in Aberdeen then made it one of the most expensive places to live and work in the U.K. However, with its downturn and fall in oil and gas value Aberdeen, thus it made it to be considered as one of the most affordable cities in the United Kingdom making its cost of living in Aberdeen is £636 per month. Additionally, Aberdeen is one of the cheapest cities for students in the U.K. According to an official report from Aberdeen stating: “It is the only U.K. city ranked in the top 50 for affordability for students.

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It is also one of the cheapest cities in the UK, according to The Times Higher Education Student Living Index. The average living expense there for international students is 20% cheaper than in London. It is home to one of the globally recognized Universities. According to research, the living expenses are on average accommodation ranging from £3, 840 per year.


Warwick is at the heart of London. The closest cities to Warwick are Coventry and Birmingham. It has one of the cheapest student cities with an estimated accommodation of £119( weekly) £49.88  (monthly). It’s also in possession of a university, Warwick University, providing vast course options.


Glasgow is a port city standing on the River Clyde in the western low lands of Scotland. It contains 2 universities in its heart and one of them is the University of Glasgow ranked jointly 69th in the top 300 universities. In terms of affordability, Glasgow is getting cheaper and cheaper for international students to live in, with a weekly rent in Glasgow £117.30.


Manchester is the second biggest city in the UK. It is ranked amongst the most affordable cities in the UK. Globally it is ranked 51st in terms of affordability. Students studying in Manchester have the option to study at the University of Manchester, which is ranked 29th in the whole world. Its weekly, accommodation is about £75.


Brighton is famed for its relaxed and sunny ambiance, Brighton is a well-loved seaside resort that’s just an hour’s train ride from London. It’s ranked joint 80th for affordability and 92nd overall. According to Numbeo, rent prices in the beachy town are over 62 percent lower with an overall monthly cost of living of about US$1,400 cheaper (including rent).

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Nottingham situated in the heart of England, affectionally titled ‘Queen of the Midlands, is well-renowned for its famous affiliation with the legendary tale of Robin Hood. According to this year’s ranking, Nottingham is the 57th best city for affordability and is ranked 47th overall. Nottingham is home to two internationally ranked institutions, the University of Nottingham is the most noteworthy, ranked joint 82nd in the world. Tuition fees for undergraduate students average just US$18,900 per year across both ranked universities, which is cheaper than all the universities listed so far. Additionally, the Telegraph recently named the University of Nottingham as the second-cheapest institution for studying in the UK, with an average total weekly spend of approximately US$235 (about US$940 monthly).

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Frequently Asked Questions about Cheapest Cities In The UK For International Students

When Should I Start Looking for an Apartment?

There’s no harm in browsing property portals and websites online to get a taste of the kind of houses that are available. After a thorough search, one which is convincing in that it meets all your likes, the next course of action should be you paying for the apartment. Also, be sure your sort for an apartment before leaving for your desired city.

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How many people can I live with?

Of course, you can. As stated before, the number of people you live with can help reduce the cost, though this is not always the case. Student properties range from two-bedroomed flats, right the way up to eight-or-more-bedroomed houses. While it may seem appealing to live with that, many people, to start with, feel it could add more washing up that isn’t done, more mess around the house, and higher utility bills. Everyone is different, but remember it will be a lot harder to move out of a house if things go wrong than getting your choice of housemates right in the first place.

What utilities and bills will you have to pay?

Other than your rent, you will have to pay for your utilities. Gas, electricity, and water Your gas, electricity, and water are the vital services you will need to arrange when you move in.

In conclusion:  we wish you an excellent academic study in the city of your choice. Good luck!