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Best Ivy League Online Masters Programs

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With the rise of online studies and master’s programs, it is difficult to decide which one to go for. Fortunately, the best Ivy league online masters program is considered the ideal online program to enroll in no matter where you intend to study from. Also, see the 17 Best Places to Study in Europe


Ivy League Schools are renowned as the most prestigious schools in the United States, and they are primarily situated in the Northeastern part of the country. Over the years, schools have proven to be not just prestigious in the United States but globally renowned as well. Apply for Master of Global Affairs Scholarships for International Students at the University of Notre Dame USA for 2022/2023.

Keep reading to learn more about the best Ivy league online masters programs and Top 50 USA Scholarships for International Students | Apply for American Scholarships.



Best Ivy League Online Masters Programs

#1. Brown University

Programs offered by Brown University-

  • Executive Master in Cybersecurity
  • Executive Master in Science and Technology Leadership
  • IE Brown Executive MBA
  • Executive Master of Healthcare Leadership

 Estimated Cost: Around $59,000

Brown University is an ivy league university that offers online programs. You can take these courses through MOOCs which are offered in cooperation with edX.  You can also take these courses directly from the university, in areas like as cybersecurity, economics, finance, biology, and Greek mythology.

You would need to complete the application process which will include submitting a resume, personal statement, and transcripts. Brown University MOOCs are offered on an open registration basis.

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# 2. Columbia University

Programs offered by Columbia University

  • Master of Arts in Statistics (hybrid)
  • Master of Science in Applied Mathematics, Computer Science, Earth and Environmental Engineering
  • Master of Social Work

Estimated Cost: Around $54,000

Columbia university has a history of offering one the best master’s online programs. They’ve slowly but steadily expanded professional development and advanced education opportunities through online education.

 Columbia schools and faculty have developed pioneering programs and enterprises in the field of online learning over numerous years. Through its online initiative, Columbia has been really successful with its distance learning initiative.

In the process of your online education with Columbia, you can be sure to get value for your money. The university has proved to be a great choice for online master’s programs.

To get admitted to Columbia’s online master’s degree program, you should have official college transcripts, a resume, a recommendation letter, and a personal statement. Some programs demand the submission of a portfolio. Many others require submission of GMAT or GRE scores.

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#3. Cornell University

Programs offered by Cornell University

  • Executive Master of Human Resource Management
  • Master of Engineering in Engineering Management
  • Master of Engineering in Systems Engineering

Estimated Cost: Around $57,000

Cornell’s proven model of online education allows scholars to learn on their schedules without stepping out of their jobs. The university ensures that no matter where you’re around the world, you can effectively acquire your master’s degree program.

The classes for an online master’s degree program are small, personalized classes in which it’s believed to assure you master relevant and applicable concepts.

Your admission conditions into Cornell university depend on the online master’s degree program you intend to run.

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# 4. Dartmouth College

Programs Offered 

  • Master of Healthcare Delivery Science
  • Master of Public Health

 Estimated Cost: Around $38,000

This ivy league school is best known for its strong STEM programs. The academy also has provisions for effective online master’s programs.

All of Dartmouth’s online courses are designed to be rigorous and intimate, in order to foster a close relationship between scholars and the faculty.

For online scholars, Dartmouth College offers several options, including two hybrid degree programs, and MOOCs through DartmouthX (in cooperation with edX).

The graduate degree programs at Dartmouth require official transcripts and an online application process. This demand would vary, depending on the particular online master’s program you intend to run.

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#5. Harvard University

Programs Offered

  • Master of Liberal Arts in
  • Management
  • Journalism
  • Biology
  • Software Engineering
  • Psychology

 Estimated Cost: Around $34,000

Harvard university has been severally ranked as the top educational institution for several decades. It has made efforts to move with the trend and make provisions for online literacy.

Harvard University presently offers 24 online graduate programs, the most out of all the Ivy League schools. The downside is that majority of these courses would necessitate you to take at least one course on campus.

Between the undergraduate and graduate schools, Harvard enrolls about scholars. To get accepted to study your online master’s program at Harvard, you must deliver a finished online application, specific grades, and GPA requirements in stipulated Harvard degree courses.

Also, aspirants must also provide certain academic standing, student conduct, and English proficiency requirements.

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# 6. University of Pennsylvania

Program Offered

  • Master of Computer and Information Technology

 Estimated Cost: $26,300

The first and only online master’s program offered by University of Penn was made acquirable in 2018. University of Pennsylvania has its online master’s degree program available on Coursera.

This online Master’s Degree in Computer and Information Technology has been estimated to cost about$ in 2020, which is about a third of the cost of the on- campus account.

You don’t require a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science to have access to this master’s degree program. Still, you must retain an undergraduate degree in some field. You would also be needed to submit personal statements, two letters of recommendation, and unofficial reiterations.

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#7. Princeton University

Princeton’s MOOCs include

  • Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies
  • Global History of Capitalism
  • Making Government Work in Hard Places
  • The Art of Structural Engineering Bridges
  • Computer Architecture

Princeton doesn’t presently feature fully online master’s programs. Princeton offers over 30 free online courses on platforms similar as Coursera, edX, and Kadenze. Through their massive, open, online courses (MOOCs), Princeton seeks to provide exceptional educational opportunities to learners regardless of their position.

The MOOCs by Princeton University are free and not for credit, but are created by Princeton faculty.

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Opting for any of the best ivy league online masters programs is definitely the ideal decision to take whenever you decide to study an online master’s program that is currently offered by any of the school.

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