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10 Flight Attendant Interview Questions (With Sample Answers)

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Flight attendant interview questions can be a bit challenging. If you’re unprepared, you can feel overpowered by the questions.


A flight attendant is in charge of making sure that everyone on board an aircraft is safe and comfortable. A vital member of an aircraft’s crew is the flight attendant.

Customers service proficiency is the top qualification that employers look for when interviewing potential flight attendants.

Be prepared to respond to the majority of scenario questions that will test your capacity for interpersonal interaction and conflict resolution,


such as how you would handle a tense emergency situation, a passenger who was agitated or anxious, or a coworker who was lacking in motivation.

If you are preparing for a flight attendant job interview, we have made a list of the common flight attendant interview questions in this article.


Common Flight Attendant Interview Questions and Answers

Q.1 Tell Me About Yourself

When presenting yourself, pay attention to your strengths. You may be an excellent candidate because of your abilities and character qualities, your expertise with customer service positions, your enthusiasm for this line of work, and your drive.

You can also share a few details from your private life with them to demonstrate that you have interests and a life outside of work.

Sample Answer

My name is Nicky, I am from Paris. I love to talk to people and to travel. I can speak English and Spanish fluently. I’ve worked in retail for past two years, and now I hope to benefit from my customer service experience in this new role. I have always been in love with flying, and cannot wait for y chance to turn my passion into my full time job.

Q.2 Can You Tell Me Some Qualities A Flight Attendant Should Posses

The interviewer asks this general question to find out what qualities you believe makes a good flight attendant.

Once more, the interviewer wants to make sure you understand what is required to do this job. You should concentrate on the qualifications and qualities listed in the job posting that drew you to this position.

Make sure your response corresponds to the requirements the employer listed in the job posting.

Sample Answer

“Professionalism in all that a flight attendant does is, in my opinion, the most important quality. The safety of passengers is the first concern of any airline’s cabin crew. After that, it is their job to make sure the passengers have a pleasant and comfortable flight. They achieve this by being mindful of the travelers’ necessities, offering the assistance things the travelers’ solicitation, and obligingly addressing any inquiries the travelers might have. The crew ought to be able to address any issue that arises during the flight with the least amount of disruption to the passengers or the flight’s safety.”

Q.3 Which aspect of the job do you think is the most challenging?

This is a significant question. This is your time to demonstrate to them that you have a realistic perspective on flight attendant work, one that includes both the positives and negatives.

You shouldn’t imply that the work is simple. They wouldn’t hire you if you did that. Although it is not an easy work, you can always remark that it is a beautiful job (and it is).

Sample Answer

When one has a bad day at work or simply feels low on energy, which is something that happens to everyone from time to time, I can imagine that it will be difficult to remain friendly and courteous and to keep smiling at the passengers. I consider this to be the most challenging aspect of the job, and I will do everything in my power to maintain a positive outlook.

Q.4 What do you imagine a cabin crew member’s typical day looks like?

This operational question is being asked by the interviewer to make sure you have a realistic understanding of the duties of the position.

What passengers observe on the aircraft is how most people perceive a flight attendant. But there is much more to this career than just flying, including training, getting ready for takeoff and landing, and going on personal travel before and after a day of flying.

You should become aware of this during your training so you can respond to the interviewer’s queries in an effective and concise manner.

Sample Answer

“A flight attendant’s typical day begins with a trip to the airport where the flight will depart. This could be local, but the attendant might need to hop to get to where it came from. Before boarding the aircraft, the crew meets to receive their assignment, discuss the specifics of the flights they will be taking that day, review the manifest, and complete any other tasks. They talk to the crew on the flight deck once they are on the plane to see if they have any specific requests. Together with the ground crew, they then prepare the plane for boarding. They board the passengers, give them a safety lesson, take care of their needs during the flight, and get the plane ready for landing. After that, they assist the passengers in getting off the plane and prepare it for the next leg. This procedure continues until the final flight. After that, the crew will take a shuttle to a hotel for the night. The next day, the procedure is repeated until the crew completes their assignment and returns to their base.”

Q.5 If two passengers were fighting and making other passengers uncomfortable, how would you handle the situation?

This is a challenging two-level question. You should address both levels in a solid response.
The two passengers in question—who were fighting—are the subject of the first level.

You should demonstrate to the interviewers that you would make an effort to be courteous to them. You should begin by making a polite comment about their behavior,

informing them politely that their behavior was disturbing the other passengers and politely requesting that they be quiet and stop arguing.

You should suggest that you would be very harsh and even scare them with a big fine they would have to pay once the airplane landed if a courteous request didn’t work (and here we come to the second level—the safety of everyone onboard).

Sample Answer

With such a situation on board, we absolutely must count, and I wouldn’t ignore their behavior. My first move would be to politely remind them to keep quiet so as not to disturb other passengers’ comfort. But if they didn’t respond to my first request, I’d explain the fine they’d have to pay unless they stopped fighting right away. We must consider the safety of all passengers, and we cannot tolerate a loud argument on board.

Q.6 Why Do You Choose to Apply to Our Airline

This is your opportunity to compliment them for their excellent service. Every airline has some sort of competitive advantage; otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to stay in business.

Any aspect of their business, including their list of destinations, mission statement, core principles, pricing structure, hiring practices for flight attendants, reputation and history, brand recognition, etc., can be cited.

You should make an effort to convince them that they are your top choice.

The objective is to demonstrate to them that you completed your research and have a valid reason for applying with them.

Sample Answer

This is the Midwest’s largest airline. You have a great reputation, and working for you can give you peace of mind. Also, I’ve read good things about your training program, so I think you’re the best option for a first-time worker in this industry. I chose to apply with you rather than with another player in the field because of this.

Q.7 How Would You Deal With an Emergency During a Flight

The interviewer is testing your reaction time with this question.

Even though they are rare, emergencies can occur on flights, and you will only have access to a small number of resources. Show that you can respond in a methodical and collected manner.

Sample Answer

Before assisting other passengers, I would put on my own oxygen mask. To ensure that everyone remains as calm as possible, I will double-check the location of the closest exit doors and attempt to plan a few steps in advance.

Q.8 Describe a time when you had to deal with a difficult Customer

Think back on your past work insight and pick a second where you effectively settled a circumstance with a troublesome client.

Your response ought to feature your capacities to be quiet and levelheaded.

Sample Answer

A parent once confronted me, angry that their kid couldn’t join the class on a field trip. I had to explain that their kid had acted badly during one of our games recently. The father came to accept my choice after I explained what had occurred and the necessity of the repercussions.

Q.9 How would you handle a panicking passenger 

It wouldn’t be reasonable to land the plane for each anxious passenger unless the situation was extremely urgent.

Your response should demonstrate that you recognize this and have taken the required actions to evaluate the circumstance.

Sample Answer

“I would first try to determine the cause of the passenger’s discomfort. I would enquire as to what is wrong and let them know that I was paying attention. If their excuse was significant, I would speak with the flight crew. However, if their justification was insufficient to warrant an emergency landing, I would search for ways to increase the passenger’s comfort instead.

Q.10 Describe Your Customer Service Skill

The majority of a flight attendant’s time is spent dealing with and attending to passengers.

Many individuals find traveling to be stressful, therefore having exceptional customer service skills can help travelers unwind and feel better about their flight.

Look for responses that demonstrate the applicant cares about supporting others.

Sample Answer

When passengers ask me questions, make requests, or have concerns, I listen very carefully. I want to ensure that I meet their requirements and comprehend their issues.

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When preparing for a flight attendant interview, consider practicing these common questions that we have listed above and apply the answer tips.

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