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12 Most Common Phone Interview questions (With Example Answers)

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Phone interview questions are most similar to physical interview questions. Just like preparing for a physical interview, you also need to know what to expect and how to answer phone interview queen as interviewers might decide to request for phone interview instead of a physical interview.

Recruiters frequently utilize phone interviews as a first round of screening to make sure the prospects they recommend to the hiring manager fulfill their basic standards.


It’s crucial to consider your tone and language when speaking with your interviewer over the phone in order to give a precise, beneficial response.

You do have the option to refer back to notes, unlike in-person interviews. You might think about using that time to prepare responses to frequently asked questions during phone interviews. If you do jot down notes or outlines, keep in mind to sound natural rather than like you’re reading from a script.

There are some inquiries that are extremely likely to be requested of you in a phone interview. and using them will help you instantly feel more assured and prepared to “wow” the interviewer so you can advance to the next round!.

In this article we are going to list some common phone interview questions and some example answers as well as how you can prepare for phone interview.


How To prepare for Phone Interview Questions

  • Research the Company: Given how many positions you’ve probably applied for, it’s understandable if you haven’t thoroughly investigated each one. Even though a phone interview may seem like a low-stakes conversation, you should still take the time to research the company and grasp what the available position requires before the call.
  • Have a good network connection: If you’re on a VoIP call for an interview, you don’t want your internet to go down in the middle of it. To give yourself the most bandwidth, quit all of your computer programs. Sit close to your wireless router.
  • Eradicate every background sound: After turning off any potential bells, buzzers, barking dogs, and noisy babies, lock yourself in a room to drown out all sounds in the area.
  • Prepare a cheat sheet for the call: Although you can still peek at a few notes during an in-person or video interview, one benefit of a phone interview is that the person on the other end cannot see what you are looking at. By making a list of some of the most crucial points for each interview in advance, make the most of this benefit.
  • Follow up: Make sure to properly follow up after phone interviews once they are done. Many days after your interview, send a thank-you email. It’s a polite gesture that also lets them know you’re watching for a reply.

Common Phone Interview Questions

1. Tell Me about Your Self ?

When you want to answer this question tell me about your self Start with how you entered your present field of employment or career path if you want to respond in list form.

Then, describe your most significant career developments and why they were important to you. Include any promotions you’ve earned as well.

Aim to highlight at least one element that will make you distinctive and unique before concluding your tale with your current predicament. Describe your current job search goals and the reasons behind them.

Sample Answer

“I received my degree in chemistry five years ago. After working for Walmart for two years, I received a promotion to lead projects in their cancer research division. I’ve been working as a Project Manager for two years, and this past year, I even won an award for outstanding leadership. Although everything is going well, I would like to advance my career by obtaining opportunities to lead larger teams. I was eager to learn more because the opportunity to lead teams of eight to ten people was mentioned in your job description.

2. What do you know about our company?

You want to use this question to demonstrate your knowledge and that you done some research before applying for the job.

Employers do not want to hire applicants who simply apply for every position without doing any research on the business.

They are looking for a candidate who applied with a purpose and wants to work for the growth of their business.

Sample Answer

“I know you’re one of the top alarm system manufacturers in the US. I did some reading on your website and discovered that you create alarms for businesses and office buildings, not just individual homes. I also did some reading on your corporate culture and it sounds like you do a lot to support the development of your employees, and get involved in community service too. That’s something I care a lot about and something that attracts me to an employer.”

 3. Why do you want this job?

The purpose of this inquiry is to allow the company to determine whether you truly have a desire to work for them (rather than just needing any job you can get).

They care about this, and if you can’t convince them why you desire this particular job, you won’t be hired.

Before answering this Question You should consider what you want from your job search in general and something about their work that piques your interest or matches your goals

Sample Answers

A chance to work more closely with customers and clients is one of the main things I’m looking for in a job right now. That part of my job is really fun for me, but my last one took me a bit away from that. I was intrigued by the fact that fifty percent of this position entails phone or in-person client interaction.

 4. Tell me what you know about the role

Employers may use this question as a starting point when determining how much information to share with you regarding the fundamentals of the position you are applying for.

They might also be able to tell if you took the time to properly study the job description and conduct as much prior research as you could.

Sample Answer

According to the job description, you are looking for a bookkeeper to support the department’s financial activities, particularly those pertaining to accounts payable and procurement. Additionally, I am aware that you require my certified HIPAA compliance training. It sounds like processing vendor creation, journal entries, check requests, wire transfers, and payment invoices are among the day-to-day responsibilities. Could you elaborate on the reasons for the open position and the team’s requirements?

5. Tell Me About Your Current Job Responsibilities

Prepare a detailed response to this interview question, including specifics of your work and specific successes.

What did you discover? What specific instruments and technologies did you use? What outcomes did you assist your business or group in achieving?

Try to get ready for your interview by gathering precise information. Ideally, you should be able to discuss the outcomes you obtained and the ways in which you contributed to your company’s financial success, time savings, and other benefits.

Sample Answer

“One of the most important things I was responsible for at my previous job was making sure our website was up as much as possible. By making significant adjustments and optimizations as soon as I was hired, I achieved the best result in our company’s 25-year history last year. I noticed in your job description that you appear to be seeking a candidate who can perform comparable duties for you. In terms of size and expansion, your company is in the same stage as my previous employer when they hired me. Therefore, it is something I could immediately assist with in this capacity.

6.Why Did You Apply For This Position ?

The question, “Why are you applying for this position?” is another typical one. or “What about this job intrigues you?” demonstrates to potential employers whether you are sincere and interested in the role.

Use the information from the job description that motivated you to apply to answer this question.

It could be responsibilities outlined in the job description, information about the employer, or a characteristic of the position that fits with your career objectives.

Sample Answer

I have worked for a number of years to acquire expertise in your sector. I think I have the knowledge, abilities, and credentials you need, as well as a unique perspective from a different industry. It is time for me to make a change because I am passionate about working in the environmental protection industry. I think your business would be a great place for me to do that.

7. What are your salary expectations?

Give Zero number in this field. They will flee if you use a number that is too high. Going too low will reduce your future negotiating leverage. You cannot win in this circumstance.

You have no leverage because they aren’t even convinced they want to hire you or keep interviewing you. They are merely gathering information for their benefit.

Sample Answer

“I don’t have a specific number in mind. Right now I’m focused on finding the position that’s the best fit for my skills and my career. Once I’ve done that, I’m willing to consider any offer you feel is fair.”

8. What Motivates You?

Employers may be able to determine whether you could be a suitable fit for the position by knowing what you are passionate about or what motivates you.

The job might not be a good fit for you if, for instance, you have a strong desire to help others and are interviewing for a function that requires a lot of independence and little interaction with coworkers.

Consider your motivations broadly, both at work and outside of it, to respond to this question. Think about how your interests might fit the job.

Sample Answer

“The ability to create beautiful, innovative experiences for users all over the world drives me every day.” The internet is full of useful and valuable digital information. When I design it in a way that makes it easy for people to use, I feel like I’m really helping people access whatever it is that helps them live up to their full potential, even if only in a small way.

9. Are You Interviewing for Other Companies ?

In a phone interview, you can be asked to describe where you are in the hiring process at other companies.

This can assist hiring managers determine how quickly to advance you through the process. For instance, you might present a higher risk than applicants who are merely in the search stage if you have already conducted interviews for other positions.

Give a straightforward response to this question, without feeling the need to go into great detail about your current circumstances.

Sample Answer

“I am in discussions with three other employers, despite the fact that I believe this role is the better fit for what I’m looking for.”

10. Why Should We Hire You ?

The beautiful thing about this question is that it gives you a chance to really highlight what makes you unique. Run with it, then!

What one unique quality do you have that no one else would? It might be a particular interest or talent, a relationship with the business, or your prior experience resolving a problem they are currently facing.

Sample Answer

“As an executive assistant, I’ve managed schedules and booked travel. I’ve been responsible for monitoring multiple email accounts and handling expense reports. I’ve made sure everything was where it was supposed to be and found it if it wasn’t. No task is too big or too small. I’ve done it all. And actually, I’ve even done all these things in a different language. In my last role I frequently made calls and made arrangements in Spanish for international engagements. You mentioned that you have a trip coming up to Barcelona and travel to Spain often, so I’m sure my Spanish fluency would be an additional asset in this role.”

11. How Do You Like to Be Managed ?

Success depends on the manager-employee relationship,

thus the interviewer wants to make sure you’d get along with and get along with your possible boss. Don’t we all desire to work for a boss with whom we get along?

Sample Answer

“The bosses I’ve worked best with in the past have set clear, concise, and realistic goals and expectations. I’m highly motivated by deadlines and being a part of not just my team’s success but the whole company’s, so working with someone who takes both of these things seriously and ties them back to everything they do allows me to perform at my best.”

12. When can you start?

When you would be able to start in a new role is an important piece of information that employers may require in advance.

If you can’t start for another month or two, they might need to look for another applicant since they might be trying to fill the position quickly. Consider the earliest day you will be able to start seriously before your interview.

Check the conditions of your current position to be sure you can quit sooner than the usual two weeks. You’ll probably be able to react with “as soon as possible” if you’re unemployed.

Sample Answer

“I’m excited for the opportunity to join your team. I plan to give two weeks’ notice at my current job to ensure a smooth transition for my coworkers and will be happy to come onboard with the team here after that time.”

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