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Why Do You Want This Job? #5 Great Tips to Answering the Interview Question

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Why do you want this job is one of the most common interview questions. Giving an appropriate answer to this question is one of the determining factors if you will be getting the job or not.


During the interview, it is more likely to come up before or after questions like “What do you know about the company?” and “Tell us a little about yourself.” The question itself could be phrased slightly differently, such as “Tell us why you’d like to work for us?” or “Why did you apply for the role?”

Remember that you have numerous opportunities throughout the interview to relate to the topic, and that you can simply approach it by stating, “I meant to say this earlier on…,” even if it comes up earlier than you anticipated.



What Does This Question Mean

When an interviewer ask the question why do you want this job ? The interviewer want to about determine how much you know about the company’s operations, mission, and goals.

You might want to consider the kind of person the company wants to hire for the position when you relate what to expect in a job interview back to the question.

Tip #1

State why you are best Qualified

Remember the interviewer is asking this question to know how much you have known about the company,

Take some time to research the company and select a few important aspects to include in your response to show that you are a good fit.

researching the company will help you to know how to fit in your skills and experiences into the company goals.

Example Answer to Give

I want this retail job at your store because I know I would be terrific at it. I love engaging with people and providing them with assistance. I also have two years of experience working cash registers at other stores. I am a regular customer of this store, so I would love to apply my skills to a store I believe in and support.

Tip #2

Center Your Answer on The Job

Present your response in this form:

  • “I desire this job since I have definite skills that will support my goals,”
  • “I appreciate [job role particular task], and my former job drove me away from it. As a result, I’m seeking for a position that will allow me to resume working on projects I truly enjoy, and after reviewing the job description, I believe this role would be ideal for doing so
  • “This position will allow me to combine my skills (skill 1) and (skill 2) to achieve…,”

Make sure you are connecting specific talents you have acquired to elements of the job function with these responses.

This demonstrates that you have done your study and are confident in your ability to complete the task to a high standard if hired.

Example Answer to Give

This job is a good fit for what I’ve been doing and enjoying throughout my career. It offers a mix of short-term projects and long-term goals. My organizational skills allow me to successfully manage projects and complete both kinds of projects.

Tip #3

Show Passion for The Job

You need to show some level of enthusiasm about the job you applied for, give answers that will make the interviewer to know you are passionate about the job.

For example you can say

“This opportunity is really exciting because I will be able to learn, grow, and advance in an exciting environment and industry that I am passionate about,” she said.

This answer shows that you are excited to join the team and that you are passionate about the position.

In addition, it is evident that you have considered the relationship between your personal career objectives and the position itself.

Example Answer to Give

I have worked as a dental hygienist in a children’s dental office for the past six years. 

Not only am I experienced working with kids, but I also greatly enjoy it. Being able to work for your office, which caters to children and young adults, would allow me to continue to put my skills to use with a population I love. This is the kind of work environment I would look forward to coming to every day.

Tip #4

Deliberate on Your Worth and Contribution

What you can bring to the company and what you will bring to the position should be the focus of your response.

Mention any abilities or work experience that distinguish you as a strong candidate for the position.

You can equally mention a particular significant achievement you have made in you previous job.

Example Answer to Give

I want this job because it emphasizes sales and marketing, two of my greatest skill sets. In my previous job, I increased sales by 15% in what was at the time considered a flat industry. I know I could bring my 10 years of sales and marketing experience to this company, and help you continue your years of growth.

Things You Should Not Say

  • “The money appealed to me” may overstate your motivation to apply for the position.When looking for a job, salary and benefits are important considerations, but discussing them too early could hurt your profile.
  • “I do need a job” sounds like a desperate response that doesn’t care about the job or the company. You need to be able to explain why you are a good fit for the position to show how valuable you are.

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Now It’s Your Turn

Now you know all these great tips to answering these why do you want the job interview question answer what not to say are you going to be using these tips for your next interview ?

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