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How can I Tell More About Myself?

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A very prominent question, “tell me about yourself” synonymously placed as “how would you describe yourself”* is frequently, and chiefly asked by an employer in an enclosed interview and otherwise. Yes, otherwise such questions can be stoned at you for a formal meeting, date, hangout, etc.


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The said question itself is a broad spectrum that transcends different scenes. It is somewhat an ambiguous question requiring diplomacy, eloquence, and a well-structured sentence in the conveyance of oneself to the other party.

Now, the crux of this article now is to help guide you in finding tips on what to avoid in your answer, how to structure your response and how you can get started. Additionally, this would be the end of your forage as to how you can competently express more about yourself with tact. 



Why do you think you would be asked to tell about Yourself to an employer?

Tell me about yourself, are common at the opening phase of interviews as they spur an ambiance of ease on you and the interviewer into the interview section. It paves the way for the interviewer to hear a short, summed-up story of your milieu and aptitude. It gives them insight into what experience and qualifications you think are best vying for.

To be honest, your approach here is of utmost importance. Do you know why? Quite simply, your attempt would give the employer a bird’s eye view of your disposition thus be wary of whatever character you exude in the first instance, cause that may serve as a bonus on your part.

You have to be confident, good under pressure, and attentive to the questions being asked. This should be a guide in Planning your Answer.

While most candidates are always off-balance with common interview questions, it can be hard to get started crafting your response and providing a satisfactory answer.

i. Be Audacious

Being confident is required in oration and the like. Confidence is a trait that is respected and coveted by the majority. However, we have people who are bold nevertheless, when called upon to express themselves, their content is bereft of coherent and chronological facts. That is they know what they’re saying, but do not know how to express themselves. The same goes for the employees, most of them are confident but lack the technical know-how in the expression of themselves.

The needful is to try to be exceedingly composed, do not be in a haste, and get your answers straight.

ii. Show expertise and depth of knowledge in whatever you’re asked

As opined earlier, diplomacy is a tool into play here. Whatever, the question may be, answer with confidence, tact, and to an extent a depth of knowledge (if need be). Take, for example, when you were asked about your past life or schooling experience, did not encapsulate the whole event embellish, lace with intriguing episodes of your life and an ounce of humor.

With these tips I am sure, you would be able to express more about yourself wherever and whenever you are called upon to do so.

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