How to Answer a “Tell Me About Yourself” Question

The question that tells me about yourself is often the first question being asked by an interviewer. if you have ever found it difficult to answer such a question or you feel your answer was not good enough, then this article is here to walk you through, as well as serve as a guide. We will cover things you need to avoid when answering this question and how to get started too.

Let’s dive right in.

Why Interviewers Ask This Question:

For you to be able to answer this question properly, you should first and foremost understand why you are being asked this question in the first place. This starts off 99% of every job offer such as, ” _walk me through your background or tell me more about you”_ these questions are being asked by the interviewer to ease the tension and make you more relaxed. It seems like a simple question with a simple answer, but your answer directs the flow of the entire interview.

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Now, you can give your answers in so many ways but people are not quite sure the best way to go about it, the reasons being they get confused or too nervous thereby boring their interviewer with an irrelevant response. Mind you, your answers help the interviewer know more about you other than what is on your resume.

Also, it tells him how good your communication skills are, hence, it is advisable to be very cautious in your choice of words. Note, you are not the only one being interviewed so it is better to leave a good impression so that you can be easily remembered by your interviewer.

Easy Formula on How to Answer:

This is a simple and effective formula you should follow to be able to give a good and perfect answer in an interview.

  •  The past: you should talk about your previous experiences while focusing on the role you are applying for so as not to go off track.
  • The present: mention your current situation together with some recent achievements to spice up your words.
  • The future: share your career goals and what you plan to achieve with the company in the long run if you are given the opportunity to work with them.

Follow these Simple Tips and be sure to give a killer response to your Employer

Proven Steps On How To Go About Your Answers:

 1. Be Brief:

You need to be straight and forward when giving your answers. Go directly to the point and leave out irrelevant details such as how you got to the interview venue, how your internship turned out etc.

Your ability to stay on track shows how good your communication skills are and how well composed under pressure. Giving unnecessary details will not only bore the interviewer but also waste the time you have to complete the interview. You ought to be brief in telling one about yourself.

Don’t bother, giving a depth knowledge of the question being asked, make your answer short and understandable.

 2. Mention Your Accomplishments:

 When answering, ensure to mention most of your achievements as related to the position you are applying for. Talk about problems you were able to solve no matter how small, work you have done, impressive decisions you have made in the long run, if you were promoted in your previous workplace mention that too, skills you have developed over time. It is important to first study the company you are applying to so you would know the skills they are most interested in. Also, mention your qualifications as this makes you more outstanding.

 3. Know Your Audience:

 It is important that you understand who you are talking to during your interview section. Probably in the various stages of the interview, you were asked to talk about yourself by the different interviewers, you do not have to give the same answer every time.

You should know how to tailor your answer to suit the taste of the person asking for your introduction. Take, for example, the manner in which you will introduce yourself to your HR manager should be different from how you introduce yourself to a C-level executive.

While talking to your HR manager you should emphasize more on strategic planning to capture his attention and interest, but while talking to a C-level manager, you should talk about your overall abilities and experience.

 4. Always Practice Your Answers:

It is important to always practice your answers before going for the actual interview. Nobody is perfect, so it is better to plan out your answers on a notepad than practice it probably with a friend or on your recording app and listen to it. Everything in life can be achieved through constant practice and this will also help you not to forget what you planned to say.

Things to Avoid While Answering:

This is a list of things to avoid when you are asked to introduce yourself during a job interview.

  • Do not recreate your resume: if you read word for word on your resume, it only shows you are unprepared for the interview. It is ok to share a small section of information seen on your resume, but don’t let it be your entire answer. The hiring manager has already taken a look at your resume so he doesn’t need you to repeat it to him/her. It is good to provide an insightful answer that showcases your great communication skills.
  • Do not get too personal: it is of utmost importance to keep the conversation professional, so do not share too much of your personal life experience. Remember to keep your answers positive. Do not downgrade your previous place of work or bosses as this reads bad for you.
  • Should not be too short or long:  you are probably not the only one available for the interview, so there is limited time to listen to what you have to say. Manage your time properly by giving accurate answers that are not too long or short but just right and satisfying.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tell Me About Yourself” Question

Tell Me About Yourself Sample Examples:

Here, I will give examples to show you how to reply to a “tell me about yourself” question in an interview as an experienced and inexperienced candidate.

As an Experienced Candidate:

When the interviewer asks you a question like “tell me more about you?” Your response should be something like “I’m a recent Nigerian MBA graduate with a strong background in the medical profession”, that said, would interest the interviewer’s interest in your shiny MBA and your proposed expertise. OR “I’m an experienced marketing tycoon who has managed numerous fields in HRM functions from recruiting, training to benefits”. This would also be a nice, clear, and high-level form of introduction simply because you summarized all your working experience and achievements under one note.

As an Inexperienced Candidate:

The answer an inexperienced candidate will give is going to be something like “well, I was raised in Nigeria, schooled overseas. As a child, I originally wanted to be a computer scientist but parents pressured, and I studied pharmacy”.

If you ask me, you haven’t captured the interviewer’s interest rather, you only gave a description of your personal life history obviously, this as a first impression might likely destroy your chances.

How To Answer Tell Me About Yourself As A College Student:

If you are to answer a “tell me about yourself” question as a college student, you should follow this easy pattern. First, you give details about your life that will portray you as a good fit for the college you are applying for. Secondly, you talk about what inspired you to apply for the said college or why you chose your major, and why it is important to you. Lastly, you talk about your passion and interest. This last part is to make sure you do not look too stiff to your interviewer, it shows you also have a life outside of study.

We have successfully gotten to the end of this article and I’m sure by now you will not be confused whenever this question pops up and you will be able to give satisfying answers.