OPEC Recruitment 2019/2020 Form & Portal Application Process | Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries Graduate Recruitment

Here’s the OPEC Recruitment 2019/2020 Form & Portal Application Process | Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries Graduate Recruitment that you’ve been looking for!

Because of that OPEC Recruitment Process 2019/2020 in Nigeria – Is what we’re going to be discussing here.

And we are going to be talking about how the OPEC Recruitment 2019 in Nigeria application
process will take place right HERE.

OPEC Graduate Recruitment Form & Portal Registration Process is very simple to APPLY.

However, I’ll want you to know that there are things you’ll really need to put under consideration .

First of all, do you know that Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries is recruiting graduate of Nigeria.

Then, if yes!

This OPEC Recruitment Portal 2019 guide;

is what you really need, to make an easy application process.

Because in this organization of petroleum exporting countries recruitment 2019/2020/https://www.opec.org/employment

The following will be featured:

About OPEC Nigeria Recruitment 2019

The organization of petroleum exporting countries is an intergovernmental of fifteen(15) nations. OPEC was made known on 1960 in Baghdad by the first five members. And is responsible for the export of the countries petroleum.

The establishment of the organization of petroleum exporting countries as an autonomous body was due to the perceived inefficiency and ineffectiveness of the services of the petroleum organisations.

But, the OPEC Headquarter
Is in Vienna, Austria.

However,the Nigeria became an OPEC member in 1971.

And today, the OPEC is recruiting a handful of Nigerians who are willing to work.

Therefore, here is another opportunity for Nigerians who are seeking for more secure employment.

OPEC Recruitment 2019/2020 Job Vacancies

To see OPEC Career vacancies

  • GOTO https://www.opec.org/employment

Finally, this job is for you. But, the question is; Do you meet the entry qualifications.


General Requirement for OPEC Recruitment Form in Nigeria 2019

The bottom line:

More than 89% of our visitor have testified that, they got recruited by their strict adherence to our OPEC requirements guidelines.

However, the entry requirement is distinguished in sections. But, I’ll bring them all together in general.

  • Nationality: Firstly, all applicant must be nationals of OPEC member countries.
  • Education: Secondly, at least B.Sc degree in Economics, statistics, computational modeling and also, Energy related field.
  • Experience: further, minimum eight(8) years of experience in the degree above(university).
  • Training: Further more, high training in energy analysis and modeling, oil and pipeline transportation,  and knowledge of oil and market development.
  • Skills: More so, communication, analytical, presentation, interpersonal, customer service orientation, initiative and integrity.
  • Language: Finally, all must be English language.

Above all,

  • M.Sc degree’s are preferred with six(6) years of experience.

In the same vein, if you meet the requirement above your ‘ship have sailed” to the next content.


How to Apply for OPEC Graduate Recruitment 2019/2020 In Nigeria

I know you can’t wait to get this Application form. But, I’ll advice you continue reading to understand all the Steps.

Steps To Successful Job Application Form

  • Firstly, click application form.
  • Secondly, fill the form downloaded
  • thirdly, make sure  you print in colour or you type right in the Microsoft word.
  • finally, submit your application to the  Governor of OPEC.

When is the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries Recruitment Application Process Portal Registration Closing Date?

According to “OPEC recent news” the closing date for OPEC registration form & portal is still not yet disclosed. But, believe you me once made known we’ll update you via this site. And that is the more reason you’ll have to subscribe to our jobs updates.

Have the OPEC Recruitment Process 2019/2020 Begun?

The OPEC recent news has it that the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries has not begun recruiting for 2019.

Yes! we understand that numerous website carries out false information on how to apply for the 2019 Nigeria OPEC. be wise.

Finally, feel free to ask us any questions!

Other Information About OPEC Recruitment In Nigeria 

Here is some important information you will surely want to know about OPEC:

  •  Is Nigeria an OPEC country? The answer is; Yes.
  •  OPEC salary scale:

In short,

you’ll agree with me that any organization that has to do with petroleum, pays a huge amount of salary to its workers. As a result, OPEC is not excluded.

Similar are:

Where is OPEC Office in Nigeria?

The Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries is located at Abuja the federal capital territory.

What is OPEC internship?

The OPEC internship program is a program to offer on-the-job practical training to recent university graduates. But, the program is for only students in final year. Most importantly, OPEC internship is not yet available.

Which countries are the OPEC countries?

Do you really want know OPEC countries? Certainly, there fifteen countries that make up OPEC: Meanwhile, Let’s see them alphabetically below:


  1. Algeria,
  2. Angola,
  3. Ecuador,
  4. Equatorial Guinea,
  5. Gabon,
  6. Iran,
  7. Iraq,
  8. Kuwait,
  9. Libya,
  10. Nigeria,
  11. Qatar,
  12. Republic of the Congo
  13. Saudi Arabia,
  14. United Arab Emirates, and finally
  15. Venezuela

Other job recruitment.


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