Turkey Travel Insurance See Requirements, Coverage and Costs

Travel insurance for Turkey may not always be mandatory, but it’s always a good idea.

Whether you want to bargain in one of the colorful markets, enjoy the sandy Mediterranean beaches, or enjoy the culture and hospitality of Turkish people, a trip to Turkey has no shortage of things to offer tourists.

But should you get travel insurance before setting off on your way? Probably.

This article will answer some common questions regarding travel insurance for Turkey.

Is Travel Insurance Required for Turkey Visa?

Yes, it is mandatory for Turkey visa applicants to obtain travel insurance before visiting Turkey. Citizens of several countries, such as some EU countries are allowed to enter visa-free for up to 30 days, while others are eligible for an e-Visa.

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If you are not applying for a visa to visit Turkey, then travel insurance is not mandatory. You can still travel to Turkey without it. However, it is always advisable to purchase travel insurance when you travel to a foreign country, even if it’s not mandatory.

Where Can I Get Travel Insurance for Turkey?

If traveling to Turkey, you can get travel insurance from an international travel insurance company. There are likely several local travel insurance offices where you live. If you are traveling via a tour agency, they can also offer you travel insurance, which is included in the overall price of the trip. This is not advisable, because these types of plans don’t always have the best coverage.

One of the most convenient methods of getting travel insurance is researching online. There are many comparison marketplaces, such as Insubuy, which allow you to compare different insurance plans before deciding. They are not affiliated with any company, in particular, so their purpose is to simply allow you to compare between plans.

Comparing between different plans yourself allows control over how much coverage you want.

Will Turkey Travel Insurance Cover Missed Flights?

Yes, a travel insurance policy for Turkey can cover your missed flight expenses if it is included on the policy. In most cases, standard travel insurance policies offer coverage for trip disruption, such as missed flights and cancellations.

However, don’t expect to be covered if you missed your flight because you overslept. There are listed reasons which the insurance company will consider valid in order to reimburse you for lost expenses. This can include sudden illness, an accident, or even a work emergency in some cases.

Will Turkey Travel Insurance Cover Medical Expenses?

Yes, medical expenses are covered under most travel insurance policies. But they will only cover you for any accidents that happen in Turkey or during your trip, as well as for any sudden illness.

If you have a pre-existing condition, it will likely not be covered. Certain disabilities, on the other hand, are usually covered at no extra cost.

How Much Coverage Do I Need for Turkey Travel Insurance?

You need the coverage you are comfortable with when flying. To decide that, consider the following factors:

  • Is healthcare expensive in Turkey? If you do get sick or in an accident, how much will you have to pay out of your own pocket if you don’t have insurance?
  • How much did your trip cost? Do you have a lot of non-refundable expenses?
  • Are you taking anything valuable with you?

Any good travel insurance policy has to include at least the following:

  • Emergency medical expenses. If you get into an accident or become ill while in Turkey, the travel insurance company covers your hospital treatment or emergency services costs. This can sometimes include dental emergencies, but not always.
  • Trip disruption. If you have to cancel your trip, your travel insurers will reimburse part of your non-refundable costs. If you miss your flight or your flight is delayed, then they cover all or part of the flight ticket price or costs for accommodation until your next flight.
  • Coverage for lost, stolen or damaged luggage. The travel insurers will reimburse for your lost or damaged items, either through an item maximum or overall maximum. For example, they will reimburse you for $500, regardless of the total cost of your luggage/items.
  • Repatriation or emergency evacuation. This includes the cost of an air ambulance if you need to be evacuated from Turkey to your home country.

You can also choose to purchase additional coverage for things like:

  • Expensive items or gadgets.
  • Adventurous activities. If you want coverage for activities that are considered “high risk”, you have to purchase it extra.
  • Terrorism coverage. You can be covered for any injuries, losses, or if you need evacuation due to a terrorist attack.
  • Personal liability. The insurance company will pay for expenses in case any of your actions result in bodily injury or property damages to another person while you are in Turkey.

How Much Does Travel Insurance for Turkey Cost?

The cost of travel insurance depends on several factors, such as:

  • The amount of coverage you are purchasing.
  • How long you will stay in Turkey.
  • Your age. People who are older (65+) will usually have to pay more for travel insurance because of the added risk of complications.

Generally, most people usually pay about 4% to 10%  of their overall trip expenses on travel insurance.

Will My EHIC Cover Turkey?

No, your European Health Insurance Card will not cover any of your medical expenses in Turkey. The EHIC is only valid in European Union countries, and Turkey is not part of the European Union, despite being in Europe.

Is Healthcare Expensive in Turkey?

Most tourists choose to go to private medical facilities in Turkey if they need treatment, rather than public ones because of the higher standard. Private medical treatment in Turkey is not as expensive as it is in EU countries, the UK, or the US, for example, but it is still fairly expensive. At least, it’s expensive enough to make it worthwhile to purchase travel insurance.

The standard of healthcare in Turkey rivals that of EU countries. In fact, Turkey’s health tourism industry has increased in the last few years, mostly from surrounding countries in the region and the Middle East. so, in case of a medical emergency, you will be very well taken care of, but it won’t be cheap unless you have travel insurance.

Is It Safe to Travel to Turkey?

Turkey is considered relatively safe to travel to, as long as you stick to the coastal areas and the tourist spots, such as Istanbul, Ankara, or Antalya. The Turkish government has increased security following the 2016 failed coup attack, and visitors claim that they feel safe when they visit Turkey, who is known for its welcoming people.

However, there are still some areas you should be wary of and avoid. The US Department of State, as well as the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, advise travellers to avoid all areas near the Syrian and Iraqi borders due to risk of terrorism. You should also steer clear of the areas of Sirnak, Kilis and Hatay, as well as the provinces of Diyarbakir, Tunceli and Hakkari.