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Top 10 Quick Certifications that Pay Well

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Top 10 Quick Certifications that Pay Well – Are you in search of high-paying and quick certifications to boost your monthly wages or serve as an alternate or chief income?. Better still, do you have what it takes in doing a number of things such as learning and gaining experience from certifications in demand with a reasonable amount that pays well? If so, your search ends here. First, we will highlight the top 10 certifications in demand with good pay to help you develop the skills and experiences necessary for a particular job. Which will get you started on a good note and increase your earnings potential.

Before we dive in, in listing the top 10 certifications with whooping pay, let’s carefully study the content outlined below:


What are Quick Certified Jobs:

Most people tend to confuse certifications or restrict them to only academics which is a wrong thing to do. Certifications are awarded by professional institutions to affirm and show you have specific academic knowledge or a skill set, knowledge needed to do a job.

Typically, you earn from that certificate after you’ve completed your education or gained experience through an internship or time on the job. It involves also, meeting specific requirements and usually passing an exam.

Yes, an exam cause that will serve as proof in telling your customers and clients you know and have the knowledge of a job or skill. Usually, it is valid for a limited time and must be renewed periodically such as, when employers may require that you achieve a higher certification before being promoted or receiving a raise owing to your shallow knowledge.

Now, where does the word, quick certifications fits in? as stated earlier, a certificate is a certificate. The only difference is that we have certifications which are vocational and academics. Vocational certifications differently called, skill acquisitions are trainings learned to provide services in different activities of life. These includes: computer programmer, a baker, welder, carpentry and fashion designing.

While, the academic certifications which are mainly for white collar jobs are knowledge not skills used in rendering service in diverse organizations and companies. Most certifications may take longer time, in acquiring and mastering owing to how broad in scope.

In the other sense, quick certifications with little or no stress requires a little period of time in bagging. Lastly, some quick vocational certifications are self employed making you, your own boss. Otherwise, some place you under the payroll of an individual.

Why choose quick certifications that pay well:

Everyone, has his/her reason in opting for a short-term certification training. In that it often takes less time to complete than a degree in school or a longer vocational training. Having said that, they are alternative programs that can help you develop the skills and experiences necessary for a particular job, as well, generate daily to monthly income. Some of its benefits includes: the cost of time and less money than a longer one. Importantly, acquiring a certification will boost your skills, abilities and will make you stand out in the job market.

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How to search for quick certifications that pay well:

Having the thought and choosing to take a quick certification courses or learning as a new skill thus, expanding your knowledge of the said quick skill, is a very honorable thing to do. However, they are numerous programs available online and non-academic campus but not all are worth the stress. The following sources will help you on how to get started. Use the CareerOneStop Certification Finder, any accredited School, of your choice that major in the desired certification of choice and maybe talk to a friend or colleague about it. Afterwards, ensure you register for the Program that Works With Your Schedule, (if you already have a job but seeking another) check the program cost and duration.

What are the duration for quick certifications that pay well:

With the name quick certifications, one should know they are not time consuming. Though, the length of certificate programs varies according to schools. Nevertheless, some schools offer swift timing that can be completed for as little as 2 to 5 weeks, while others are within a year time. Normally, a quick certificate course lasts 4 weeks, some may take up to 6 weeks with classes in the evening, nights, weekends and online.

How much does it cost to get quick certifications that pay well:

Certification costing is based on the type of program you want to do, regardless, a few courses are available for free. Quick certifications program are likely, to costs from the range of $2,500 and $16,000 to enroll. Inclusively, there might be additional fees like textbooks and course materials. So before paying, quickly look at the list of certification programs that has your best interest.

List of the top 10 quick certifications on demand that pay well after a successful learning experience:

Since the world is gradually evolving that is, changes are visible and continuous owing to man-made machine and other technological advancement. It is important to bag a quick certificate in demand, with the means of satisfying the complex needs of man. In essence, a skill that wouldn’t get out of trend or relevance in years to come thereby, fetching you a considerable constant income. They are the under mentioned.

  • Physical therapy assistant and aides.
  • Web development.
  • Phlebotomy technician.
  • Surgical technologist.
  • Industrial engineering technician.
  • Electrician.
  • Flight attendant.
  • Carpentry.
  • Professional coder.
  • Weldering.

Physical Therapy assistant and aides:

Are professionals who work and assist physical therapists, in helping patients regain movement and manage pain after sustainable injuries and illnesses.They are listed as one of the best certificate programs that pay well. Also, it is a good career that offers quick schooling. These professionals with the aid of the physical therapists do not only help patients recover from an illness or possible injury. They also set up equipment, for patients to direct their care towards the patients.

By enrolling in this program, you will benefit the following; You will work in the growing healthcare industry like hospitals, nursing care facilities, home healthcare services, outpatient clinics, and health practitioners’ offices. It could be a work full time or part time. It is a program provided by the US Training Institute, which requires a state’s licensing to get started. Median Salary: $45,290.

Program Length: 1 to 2 month.

Career outlook: Labour projects the growth for Physical Therapy Aide jobs to increase 23% by 2028.

Web development:

This is the most common type of certification program that pay well. Trust me, it really does. Web Developers create and design websites. In Nigeria, it was founded in 2013 and duly registerd under the corporate law of Nigeria. It operates as an information technology and service provider. With a global outlook covering a wide range of product and services with special bias to Software Engineering, Web Application Development, Web Design and Hosting, Game Development, Database Management, IT Training and General IT Consultancy.They also maintain  site by constantly checking the website’s performance, speed, and capacity.

Web developers have access to a wide range of job options. Some work with computer systems, design companies, and others in marketing firms or departments, or be self-employed.

Salary: $69,430 per year

Program mode: Online

Program duration: 5 to 6 months.

Employment Outlook: much-faster-than-average job growth of 13% through 2028.

Phlebotomy technician:

A phlebotomy technicians are health care officals whose area of responsibility is to collect blood from patients and prepare the samples for testing. Most work in hospitals and clinics while, some collect blood for donation purposes mainly for transfusion at the health care center. Phlebotomy technicians are important members of the health care team without doubt. Cause, they often help in explaining the blood-drawing process to put patients at ease. If you’re interested in chasing a career in the healthcare field, a phlebotomy technician may be the job for you. Again, their duty is to explain to patients why and how they will be taking their blood. If the blood samples may be needed to learn more about a particular patient, or they may be used in research.There are a lot of employment opportunities to consider for phlebotomists. They can work in labs, donor centers as well as doctor’s offices and hospitals.

 Median Salary: $32,710

Program Length: 1-2 months

Career Outlook: Expected to increase 25% – much quicker than normal.

Surgical technologist:

In simple terms, surgical technologists are certified health workers who work under the supervision of a surgeon, surgeon’s assistant or other surgical personnel to help ensure that the operating room environment is safe and the equipment to be used, functions properly. They handle instruments like scrubs, or surgical gowns, sutures and help sterilize the various surgical equipment.

Salary: an average of $47,300per year

Program Length: few months to two years

Employment Outlook: much-faster-than-average job growth of 13% through 2028.

Industrial engineering technologist:

Industrial engineering technologists are technicians helping engineers solve problems affecting manufacturing layout or production. They prepare machinery and equipment plans, design workflows, conduct statistical production studies, and analyze production costs. Additionally, they help revise methods of operation, equipment layout, to make a factory run more smoothly. Yet, another profitable certification you can consider learning.

Salary: $55,460 per year

Program mode: Online

Employment Outlook: Little job growth through 2028.


An electrician is responsible for installing, maintaining and fixing electrical wiring in homes and buildings of different types. we have different electricians just to mention but a few: Residential, commercial, industrial, maintenance, installation, construction, automotive and marine Electricians. Etc. As an electrician, you will constantly be working in a different location or different job in this position and temperatures in order to finish a job. It is one of the quickest high paying certifications to acquire too.

Salary: $52,720

Program Length: 4 months

Career Outlook: Expected to increase by 9% – about average.

Flight attendant:

If you are in search for a career with travel benefits, or you desire in exploring the world free of charge then, consider becoming a flight attendant. Who is a flight attendant? A flight attendant, also known as steward/stewardess or air host/air hostess, is a member of the aircrew in commercial flights. However, we still have business jets and governmental owned aircraft where they can still work in. Your duty is to serve aircraft passengers food, drinks and provide assistance. In this career, you will have a many schedule, which may include nights, weekends and holidays due to the fact that travelling happens all the time.

Median Salary: $48,500

Program Length: 3 weeks

Career Outlook: Expected to increase by 10% – quicker than normal.


Carpentry is a great example of a high-paying job you can learn to earn from. Carpentry, is the  art and trade of cutting, working, and joining timber. The term includes both structural timberwork in shaping and items such as doors, windows, and chairs etc. As a Carpenter, you will be building homes, constructing frameworks and repairs also. Note, this career requires physical strength and stamina. So, consider the strength first, before participating.

Median Salary: $43,600

Program Length: 5 months

Career Outlook: Expected to increase by 8% – about average.

Professional coder:

A certified professional coder is a specialized health care worker generally known as medical records and health information workers. In this role, you will be responsible for gathering and maintaining medical records for persons wanting to be hospitalized over any given medical sickness. They usually, work in hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

Median Salary: $32,670

Program Length: 20 weeks

Career Outlook: Expected to increase 20% faster than normal.


Welding is the fabrication process that joins materials, usually metals or thermoplastics, by using high and hot heat to melt the parts together and allowing them to cool. It is a very quick certification that are highly encouraging and requires a lot of training. As a Welder, you can work in a variety of fields that include sales, project management, engineering and more. You start first as an apprentice, with time you rise up to a senior welder or underwater welder.

Salary: $39,390

Program Length: 9 months

Career Outlook: Expected to increase by 6% – about average.

FAQ: on Quick Certifications that Pay Well.

  • Can i obtain quick certification course online?
  • Can anyone enroll for a quick certification course?
  • Do quick certifications offer a degree course?

Can I obtain a quick certification course online: Yes, you can very much do. To be honest, online quick certification courses are very comforting and leisurely. Due to the enabling environment to study at your most convenient time.

Can anyone enroll for a quick certification course: A quick certification program is open to anyone, including those currently employed. This will help improve the skill set of your choice.

Do quick certifications offer degree program: Yes. In fact, they are alternate degree programs.


To acquire professional and quick certifications comes with a lot of careers and financial satisfaction. If you really want to go far, you need to consider some of the mentioned certifications. Don’t just sit at your desk and waste years in the one job role. Take up the challenge and pursue a certificate of your choice. Good luck!