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France Travel Insurance – Requirements, Coverage and How to Buy

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Welcome to Information about the France Travel Insurance – Requirements, Coverage, and How to Buy page. If you are here to get How To Buy France Travel Insurance? then you’re at the right place.

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France Travel Insurance Requirements

Seeing that France is part of the Schengen Area, any travel insurance you get for your trip to France should be Schengen compliant. As such, it must meet the following requirements:

  • Cover at least €30,000 for emergency medical costs and repatriation
  • Be valid in the entire Schengen Area

How to Buy Travel Insurance for France?

You can get travel insurance for France entirely online. Here are your options:

  • Travel insurance brokers. They offer a multitude of plans from different travel insurance providers which you can compare side-by-side before purchasing, so you are not limited to only one insurance company. Get a free quote now.
  • Directly from a company. There are insurance companies everywhere. Many of them operate online but there are probably several in your country as well. You can simply visit their website or visit a local travel insurance office and get an insurance policy. In these cases, you are slightly more limited to one or two plans which the company offers.
  • From your travel agency or airline. If you are going to France on an organized tour, then your travel agency may offer a plan along with the tour. Many airlines also offer travel insurance plans. Before settling in one, make sure you have the adequate coverage you need. You should also remember that travel insurance plans that tour agencies or airlines offer have hidden fees and are usually a tad over-priced.

What Does France Travel Insurance Cover?

Schengen travel insurance for France is usually focused on health coverage. However, many plans also cover trip-related incidents, such as delayed flights or trip cancellation. Here’s an overview of what coverage you can expect to find on a France travel insurance policy:

  • Emergency medical treatment. If you get suddenly ill from a condition you did not have before or if you get into an accident, travel insurance covers things like:
    • Doctor visits
    • Prescription medication
    • Surgery
    • Hospitalization
    • X-rays and lab tests
  • Medical evacuation. If you get severely ill and have to be flown back to your home country for treatment.
  • This covers the cost of returning the body home if the traveller happens to pass away while in France.
  • Trip disruption*. If your trip is cancelled or you have to leave France earlier than expected, travel insurance reimburses your costs to a certain amount.
  • Loss of belongings.* If your baggage is damaged, stolen or lost during your trip to France, travel insurance reimburses your loss to a certain amount, and usually for certain items.
  • Personal liability.* If you cause damage to someone or to someone’s property while in France, travel insurance covers the resulting costs.

*These covered items are not required by the Schengen/France rules. This is why not all Schengen plans offer them.

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