Top 16 Cheapest Universities in Germany 2022

Germany is one of the best destinations for studies in the world. The country offers quality top-notch education to its students with improved equipment. One of the most amazing things about Germany’s educational system is that it has world-renowned schools which are also very cheap.

Quality and affordable, what more can a student ask for. In 2014, the German government removed international tuition fees in all public universities, which means students are not to pay tuition but only semester fees. Tuition fees were later reintroduced in the state of Baden-Württemberg in 2017.

However, even with the reintroduced fees, German universities in this state are still cheaper than in many other countries of the world. If you wish to study in Germany in one of these affordable but quality universities, I’ve got you covered as I’ve prepared a list explaining the best you can find in Germany.

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Top 16 Cheapest Universities in Germany 2022

1. Technical University of Munich

The Technical University of Munich was established in the year 1868. With expertise in STEM fields, this university welcomes thousands of eager international students every year. Based in Munich, with campuses on Garching and Freising-Weihenstephan, TUM has proven itself to be one of the highest-ranked universities in the country. Having a student population of more than 40,000 students, it is one of the largest institutes in Germany. You can find all the technical courses in this University, ranging from chemistry, electrical and computer engineering, mathematics, architecture, etc. The Technical University Of Munich ranked among the top 100 Universities In the world.

2. Humboldt University of Berlin

The university was established in the year 1810 and it is one of Berlin’s oldest universities. It was originally called Friedrich Wilhelm University. The university is well equipped with the knowledge and expertise needed to offer quality education in a wide range of fields spanning across the natural sciences, arts, and humanities. Humboldt University has over 32,000 students, including both domestic and international. The alumni of the university count over 50 Nobel Laureates who once studied at this university.  It runs several collaborations and partnerships with other universities and the university’s medical school is operated alongside the Free University of Berlin.  The university offers tuition-free education for all students regardless of nationality and background.

3. Heidelberg University

The Heidelberg University, also known as Ruprecht Karls Universitat Heidelberg, is the oldest university in Germany, founded hundreds of years ago in 1386. It is a free tuition University for domestic and international students in Germany. The university has 12 major faculties of study and offers more than 100 disciplines of study for a student population that exceeds 29,000. While the main language of instruction is German, the university also offers a considerable number of courses in English for foreign students as well. The University’s research-based teaching and interdisciplinary collaboration are unmatched as professionals and well-known scientist share their experience and expertise with the students.

4. Karlsruher Institute of Technology

 This University was established in 2009 but was originally established as a polytechnic in 1825 and it’s renowned as one of the largest research institutions in Germany, and it is also known for its high interdisciplinary interaction and expertise. This university is located in Karlsruhe, in Southern Germany. It has evolved to become one of the leading centres in engineering and natural science in Europe. It has a student population of 25,000 students. Its 11 faculties constitute the academic organization of the university, ranging across the fields of engineering, physical science, and technology. Fields such as humanities and biological sciences are also offered by the university. With its reputation for information technology, a range of facilities which are among the most prestigious in the country are also offered by the university. Tuition is free but you will have to pay the semester administration fee.

5. Ludwig Maximilians University

The Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich is a public university located in the city of Munich in Germany. This University is known as one of the leading research universities in Europe. It was established in the year 1472.

For more than 5 centuries, LMU Munich has attracted some of the best scholars and ambitious students from around the world. This university provides international standards to its teaching and research practices, and as such, it has become one of the largest in terms of the student population, with more than 50,000 students.

With more than 18 academic faculties, the university offers a wide and diverse range of courses of study for the student, with its courses ranging from Business and Physical Sciences, all the way to Law and Medicine.  Attendance and studies are free but students are required to pay a semester fee that covers basic but essential costs.

6. Technical University of Berlin

This institution was established in the year 1879. This institution is highly regarded for its programmes in engineering, computer science, and economics. The Technical University of Berlin has around 43,000 people from 150 different countries, across different sectors of the university, that is staff and students. This university places a lot of importance to international collaborations.

The school possesses state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, which provide students and staff with a comfortable environment where they can thrive and enhance their chosen careers. At this university, students get to choose from numerous programmes, meet new people, and learn about a wide range of cultures. The advantages are numerous, and it is tuition-free. Affordable with quality is the perfect description.

7. Georg-Augusta University of Göttingen

The University of Göttingen was established in the year 1734 and its focus is on research-based teaching, with thousands of students, domestic and international, across its faculties. With more than 30,000 students currently enrolled at the university, it is among the oldest institutions to be established in the region but maintains a very high standing in research and academia.  

At this university, you have the opportunity to choose from numerous degree programmes related to fields like Natural Sciences, Mathematics, Computer Science, Law, Economics, Social Sciences, as well as Humanities, Theology, and Medicine.

The university is connected to more than 40 Nobel Prize laureates. Academic rankings such as QS and ARWU have placed the university among the top 200 institutions in the world. The most exciting thrill about this university is that its tuition is free.

8. University of Hamburg

The University of Hamburg was established in the year 1919. It is known as the largest research and training institution in northern Germany and as such, it offers a wide range of courses for its students. The University of Hamburg has produced some of the world’s greatest scholars. It has a student population of more than 40,000 students and provides education across 8 main faculties of study.

Some of the fields of study at this university include Law, Medicine, Education, Psychology, Humanities, Mathematics, Informatics, and all the way to Natural Sciences, Business, Economics, and Social Sciences. The university has been ranked among the top 200 universities in the world.

9. University of Stuttgart

It was established in 1829. The university is located in the southwest of Germany, in the city of Stuttgart, this university is one of the oldest technical universities in Germany and it has excelled in its fields of expertise, particularly in the fields of Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, and Industrial Engineering.

The University of Stuttgart is ranked among the world’s best engineering universities, and it is also one of the best in the field in Germany. Currently, the university has a student enrolment of nearly 30,000 students and provides education through 10 major academic faculties. It has become a globally recognized institution that has been consistently ranked among the top 300 universities in the world.

An international student will have to pay tuition but it is really affordable, but domestic students do not have to pay as tuition is free for them. Germany is really attractive to international students, Statistically, the country draws in nearly 400,000 international students on an annual basis to its universities.

10. Darmstadt University of Technology

This university was founded in 1877 and is located in Darmstadt. It offers nothing but quality education. TU Darmstadt sets its focus on engineering and the natural sciences as well as the humanities and social sciences.  it is recognized as one of the first universities in the world to offer degrees and positions in the field of electrical engineering.

The university has a very strong reputation for computer science and is connected to the establishment of the IT Cluster of Rhine-Maine-Neckar, commonly referred to as the ‘Silicon Valley of Germany’.

Currently, the university has a population of more than 25,000 students who have access to around 50 different courses of study. This university is also one of the leading universities in Germany and international students have found a particular interest in the expertise this university offers.

11. Goethe University

The university was founded in 1914 as the citizen’s university, the Goethe University is a public institution of higher education located in the city of Frankfurt. The university is spread across four main campuses in Frankfurt and currently has a student enrolment of more than 46,000 students.

It has 16 academic faculties of study that cut across a diverse range of fields. It is further connected to several elite research institutes affiliated with organizations such as the Max Planck Society. The different campuses across the city of Frankfurt further operate specific departments within the university’s academic scope.

The university has also grown into an internationally recognized institution of higher education and currently has been ranked among the top 400 universities in the world.

12. University of Tubingen

The Eberhard Karls University of Tubingen is a prominent research university founded in 1477, and it’s located in the city of Tubingen. The university has grown to become one of the best universities in the country and is also a member of the German Excellence Universities.

It is well known globally for its studies and research in the fields of medicine, archaeology, law, philosophy, theology, and a variety of other fields. It has 7 main faculties of study and nearly 100 degrees are offered.

While these are offered on a free basis to students, semester and minor tuition fees are mandatory for all, that is both domestic and international students.

13. University of Bonn

This is a  public research university based in the city of Bonn in northern Germany. With its history dating back to the early 19th century, the university has become a prestigious institution that provides education for more than 35,000 students and of these 35,000 students, approximately 4500 students are international.

The university offers around 90 fields of study in a wide majority of disciplines that are operated through 7 main faculties of study. It has gained an outstanding reputation and has been ranked among the top 100-250 universities in the world.

14. . University of Wurzburg

This university is known for being one of the oldest institutions of higher education in Germany and was founded in 1402, it is officially known as the Julius Maximilian University of Wurzburg. The university currently has a student population of around 30,000 students.

The main faculties of study operated through the university cover several main fields ranging from biology and humanities to catholic theology and business management.

The university is also a part of the U15 group of research universities in Germany and has additionally been ranked among the top 300 universities in the world.

It offers tuition-free education for all matriculated students, that is both domestic and international students, and it only requires the payment of semester fees for administrative purposes.

15. University of Cologne

The University of Cologne is a university in Cologne, Germany. It was the sixth university to be established in Central Europe and, although it closed in 1798 before being re-established in 1919.

This is one of the largest universities in Germany with more than 48,000 students, the University of Cologne is a well-recognized university in Germany that started with the Faculty of Economics, Business, Social Sciences, and Medicine. Currently, divided into six faculties, the university, which is located in Cologne, features 200 fields of study.

These include the Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences, the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, the Faculty of Law, and the Faculty of Human Sciences.

The university is also home to 16 research centers and 658 professors. The study programs of the university are known to prepare graduates for brilliant career opportunities.

16. TU Dresden

This university was originally established in 1828. It has a student enrolment of over 35,000, and it is among the 10 largest universities in the country. It is further a member of the TU9 collective of German institutes of technology and has been ranked among the top educational institutions of the country as well.

It has 14 faculties of study, the university offers a wide variety of courses ranging across engineering, architecture, environmental sciences, law, medicine, and business.

With its high academic prowess, the university has been also ranked among the top 150-200 universities in the world. It takes in around 1000 international students annually.

Students who study particular courses are exempted from paying tuition fees with the exception of minor semester fees.

Frequently Asked Questions about Top Cheapest Universities in Germany

University in Germany with Free Tuition

Heidelberg University with an average tuition fee of 20,000 EUR per year. The Technical University of Munich with an average tuition fee of 258 EUR per year. The Humboldt University of Berlin with no tuition fees.

Is schooling in Germany cheap?

In 2014, Germany’s 16 states abolished tuition fees for undergraduate students at all public German universities. This means that currently, both domestic and international undergraduates at public universities in Germany can study for free, with just a small fee to cover administration and other costs per semester.

Is Germany a good destination for international students?

Germany is the fourth most popular destination among international students in the world. More than thirteen percent of students at German universities in 2018 came from another part of the world. Germany is an attractive place to study and German university degrees are highly respected by employers worldwide.

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