20 Top Colleges and Universities for Internships Co-Ops in 2022

Top Colleges and Universities for Internships – Are you thinking about an internship in college? You are probably wondering about the benefits. Getting work experience in college can help students get a job after graduation.

One option for students to gain that experience is cooperative education programs, which include paid full-time jobs that usually last three to 12 months, internships, or other service-based experiential learning programs.

It is beneficial to the students. I have prepared in this article, 20 colleges that offer internships and Co-Ops.

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Top Colleges and Universities for Internships Co-Ops

1. Northeastern University

Co-op education is central to the academic experience at Boston’s Northeastern University. Students can expect to complete up to three co-ops during the five-year program or two during the four-year program.

Northeastern University students are required to take a co-op preparation course to learn resume writing, interviewing skills, professional etiquette in the workplace, and career exploration tips. They are also required to meet with their co-op coordinator before they participate in their first co-op.

2. Drexel University

My undergraduate experience at Drexel University revolves around cooperative education. Depending on their major, Drexel University students may have to complete one to three co-ops before graduation. The co-ops have full-time jobs for six months. Students start their co-ops during the sophomore year after taking preparation courses as freshmen. Cycles generally run for six months and alternate between classes and full-time employment positions through approved employers.

3. University of Cincinnati

 Students with majors in the schools of engineering and applied sciences and design are required to participate in the University of Cincinnati’s co-op program. Students complete three to five semesters of co-ops before graduation.

The co-op program is also open to students in a few other select majors. Students who aren’t able to participate in the university’s more than 100-year-old program have the option to get internships or participate in other international or national service-learning programs.

Offerings include an international program, which has sent students to work in 43 countries. There are also chances for students to arrange part-time academic internships.

4. Elon University

 All students must fulfill an experiential learning requirement to graduate from Elon University. The requirements can be fulfilled through internships, co-ops, independent research, service-learning projects, etc. Elon University’s experiential learning requirements can be completed by studying abroad, completing an internship or service project, obtaining a leadership position on campus, or seeking out independent research opportunities.

5. Georgia Institute of Technology

Georgia Tech offers an optional five-year co-op program. Students alternate semesters between working full time and taking classes. The optional co-op program at Georgia Tech lasts four to five years and includes at least three alternating semesters of classes and professional work.

6. Berea College

Students at Berea College are matched with a paid, on-campus job, which helps students build career skills as well as earn money. Through the school’s Labor Program, all Berea College students are required to work 10-15 hours a week in approved jobs on campus or in the community while maintaining a full academic course load. The school estimates first-year students make around $1,200 to pay for living expenses.

7. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT offers numerous internship programs for students. One of such programs includes the MIT International Science and Technology Initiative, which matches students with international all-expenses-paid internships and research positions.

8. Duke University

 At Duke University internship requirements vary by program. For students in unpaid or low-paying internships, the university makes $600 to $3,000 available in competitive grant funding.

9. Stanford University

 Stanford boasts a wide range of internship programs, including placements in New York City and abroad. Other opportunities focus on career education, community engagement, public service, and scientific research.

10. Purdue University

Students who participate in Purdue University’s three- or five-session co-op program must work with the same employer for all sessions.  Nearly 60 percent of the co-op’s jobs are located outside of Indiana, and about 40 percent of those are away from the Midwest. The goal is to allow students to build relationships with their employer, work on more projects and increase responsibilities.

Other related areas are:

11. Northwestern University

 Northwestern University has provided funding to students to offset unpaid internships since 2007. Northwestern disbursed $3,000 grants to nearly 450 students through its summer internship grant program in 2018.

12. Rochester Institute of Technology

Co-op requirements at RIT vary by college and major and may be optional or required. More than 4,500 students complete a co-op each year, which it defines as the employment of 35 hours or more per week. Students should expect to begin a co-op only after completing the first two years of their academic course work.

13. Clemson University

At Clemson University students will find both internship and co-op programs to help launch their careers. For a fee of $6,900 to $8,800, the school also offers international internships in several different countries.

14. Agnes Scott College

At Agnes Scott College the goal is for every student to have at least one internship before graduating. The college also makes funding available to students who are interning in public service or public health.

15. George Washington University

George Washington University uses its central location in the District of Columbia as a launching point for internships, noting on its website that more than 12,000 such opportunities are available in a given year. George Washington University also makes elective internships available to qualifying students.

16. Endicott College

All students are required to complete three internships during their four-year program at Endicott College. Students complete an internship preparation course during their first semester in college.

17. Cornell University

Cornell University has a number of career-focused programs designed to help students understand their interests, explore possible jobs and take action toward reaching their goals.  Cornell University has a variety of summer programs to help students build experiences in their desired career fields. These include Cornell in Hollywood, a program that provides film-related internships in Los Angeles, a 10-week internship that gives students experience at entrepreneurial companies, and also a program that sends students to Maine to work in marine sciences

18. Butler University

Butler University offers students a variety of career development options, including the opportunity to participate in career communities that connect students with a network of alumni, employers, and parent mentors to help students find, learn and develop their interests. There is also a robust alumni mentorship program designed to guide current students.

19. Bentley University

Bentley University’s HIRE Education program helps students build on their career development skills every year. Starting freshman year, students have the option to take career development seminars, join career communities that connect students with professionals, students, and faculty, and participate in other career-oriented events.

20. Carnegie Mellon University

 Carnegie Mellon University facilitates a variety of internship programs and fellowships, including a semester in the District of Columbia. A summer internship fund also helps students who take low-wage or unpaid internships pay for their expenses.

Frequently Asked Questions about Top Colleges and Universities for Internships Co-Ops

How many colleges offer Co-Ops programs

About 60 schools offer a formal cooperative-education, or co-op, program, where students generally alternate periods of work and classes.

Is it hard to get a Co-Op?

It can be hard to get a mortgage for a co-op since you don’t own your unit. Co-ops may require a minimum down payment of 20% or more. Generally, your lender will want to see how the co-op operates and take a look at the underlying mortgage.

As you can see, the internship program in each of these schools is really good, so you can choose one of these as it will help you get a better experience and even land you a good job after graduation. So what are you waiting for? I’m cheering for you, Good Luck!

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