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www.fts.admissions.cloud/home – Online Application – Login for Federal Teachers Scheme Programme Here

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Go to www.fts.admissions.cloud/home – Online Application – Login for Federal Teachers Scheme Recruitment Programme Here.


fts.admissions.cloud login portal. The application portal for the ongoing Federal Teachers Scheme (FTS) 2022 recruitment exercise is open. www.fts.admissions is where you can sign up or register for the UBEC Recruitment of Federal Teachers. The login application link is provided below.

Hope you are aware that the applications are currently ongoing at UBEC Federal Teachers’ Scheme portal? If you’re qualified, having met all necessary criteria’s kindly visit the recruitment portal to apply. also, if you want to login, guidelines will be provided here.

The Universal Basic Education has officially announced a registration portal for UBEC Federal Teachers Scheme open for candidates who meet the requirements to APPLY.


Hence, before you commence your application process, go through the following eligibility criteria to determine what you may be required of before completing your application.

Note: fts.admissions.cloud is where you will be able to register for the FTS programme. The application procedures for the Federal Teachers Scheme is quite straight forward and easy to process. See how to apply below.


fts.admissions.cloud/home Application Form 2022 Requirements

  • Must possess Bachelor’s degree in Education or Bachelor’s degree with postgraduate diploma in education (PGDE), of no lower than the second class (lower division) and not earned earlier than 2014.
  • Must be completed or exempt from the NYSC scheme.
  • Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE) with credit passes in teaching practice and teaching subjects and not earned earlier than 2014, with specialization in any of the following subjects:
  • English Studies,
  • Mathematics,
  • Science,
  • Vocational Studies,
  • Home Economics,
  • physical and health education Computer Science,
  • Special Education,
  • Early Childhood Education,
  • Nigerian and Foreign Languages.
  • Not be in employment with any organisation during the period of service; and
  • Not be above 35 years of age.

How to Apply for UBEC Recruitment via https://fts.admissions.cloud/home

  • Visit UBE Portal via https://fts.admissions.cloud/home
  • Create an account by entering your username and password.
  • Confirm your email address
  • Once you’ve done that, Login with your email and password.
  • Go to Applications>My Applications to complete your profile and submit your application.

When is www.fts.admissions.cloud/home Portal Closing?

https://fts.admissions.cloud/home Registration Portal will close on 24th October 2022.

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If you want to stay updated on www.fts.admissions.cloud/home – Online Application – Login for Federal Teachers Scheme Programme Here kindly drop your email address in the comments section below and we will keep you updated.

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  1. Muawiyya Abdullahi Fagam says:

    I have applied for the fts and the portal close
    What happens

  2. Toyin says:

    Please it is true the application has closed.

  3. Ahmed Abdullahi says:

    please is registration still goin on? because I can’t get the form yet in your website

  4. Adeshina Rebecca says:

    Good afternoon. please, i have successfully applied but what i do not understand is that it stated that i should attach the copies of my credentials along with the print out of the application to where please?. Are we still going to submit the hard copy to who and where?. Thanks.

  5. Maryam says:

    Can people that graduate 2019 apply for it

  6. Gideon Ifedayo says:

    Thanks so much for the opportunity. I have gone to the website and created my account but it didn’t tell me to fill the password form but when I try to login, it is asking for password, please how do I deal with this.


  7. Your Comment i am a Rabiu Haladu Umar. I like to apply for this job. In order to save my country, by the grace of god.

  8. Iyabo says:

    Can shortlisted candidate be reached via phone number apart from email?

  9. Tboy says:

    Pls, are shortlisted candidates be reached via phone number or email?

  10. Tboy says:

    Are shortlisted candidates be reached via phone number or email?

  11. Safara'u Abdulhamid says:

    I want to apply FTS form

  12. paul says:

    I try to create an account but it open for me please how can I create an account to applying for FTS but am seen shortlist that’s means I can apply again.

  13. sosimi says:

    how will i get password to the login portal?

  14. Zainab says:

    Please help, is showing invalid password anytime I want to login to start my registration

  15. Onyinye Ashimonye says:

    Why is my login showing invalid password
    Please I need assistance

  16. Damisa Hafsat says:

    I haven’t been able to login because it keeps saying invalid password


  18. Comfort says:

    Why is it showing invalid password when trying to log in?

  19. Egbojah Daniel Ikpe says:

    For starting, I have entered my email but it replied me no connection. But my email was recognized. What else please?

  20. Odula Oyigye says:

    FTS Application Form

  21. I attempt several time but it shown me thesame thing why,,, pls help me

  22. Shuaeb maryam hussein says:

    It keep saying I didn’t uploaded my academic certificate but I try it was not doing

  23. Promise Lizzy says:

    Pls, my screening form was printed out without my passport on it.what do I do?

  24. Password showing invalid. Please create assistant

  25. Oladeji Kemi says:

    Pls I’ve applied and submitted but wasn’t able to print yesterday, pls what can I do?

  26. I applied and submitted but wasn’t able to print yesterday, pls what can I do?

  27. Adamu Mohammad masaya says:

    When did u shortlist ur applicants?


  29. Etsanu U, J says:

    when is the shortlisted candidate expected for interview?

  30. Asuni rokibat says:

    Pls help me ,how to get my username and password

  31. Musa Ahmed says:

    Pls. Is shortlist out and I how can i check my name?

  32. Abdulmalik Shuaibu says:

    The shortlist is on the way out just be patient and keep pray to Almighty Allah may Allah make our name to be part of the list.

  33. Queen Patrick says:

    I want to get my account back

  34. Abbas Wada Kukuma says:

    Pls is the shortlist out?

  35. Education is a key of any success in life time!!!!

  36. SHITU AUDU says:

    How do I check my name

  37. SHITU AUDU says:

    My is SHITU AUDU, how do I check my name on the shortlisted

  38. Ahmadu says:

    Slm barkada warhaka dafatan Alkhairi shortlist yasoma fita Allah yasa munada gachiki dayaddan ubangiji Mai girma fatan Alkhairi

  39. Kabiru Salihu says:

    Please by which time is fts shortlisted candidates names going to be out ?.

  40. Armayau Yakubu says:

    When shortlisted fts out Pls,announced.

  41. Ali says:

    Fts shortlisted is out or is not out????

  42. May God help us to be among the shortlisted

  43. May God help us to be among the shortlisted.

  44. Joseph galadima says:

    How can I check my FTS status?

  45. Ahmed Abdullahi says:

    Please when short list of FTS will be out?

  46. Adaeze says:

    Please how do I know if am shortlisted

  47. Alhassan says:

    When did the shortlist will be available?

  48. Sani abubakar says:

    We need help from you,ya Allah let us reach this silly stage amin

  49. Achor says:

    Pls is fts shortlist out? If yes, how will i know or check my name?

  50. BOLATITO says:

    Please, I am unable to access d shortlisted list…help me out

  51. Amos says:

    Please I want to download list of fts benue

  52. Aliyu lawal says:

    By god grace

  53. Please how can i know that i have been shortlisted for ubec when they release the list

  54. I unable to access the shortlisted list please I need your help.

  55. Please am unable to access the list help me out

  56. Denyut Samantha Anasthesiasia says:

    Please how can I check my Name

  57. Please help me check my name maybe among the list.

  58. Esther says:

    Please is the shortlist out? I tried logging in to my portal but it says application is closed. What is the latest news update today please

  59. When will fts shortlisted out?

  60. Mus'ab bin muhammad says:

    Pls when shortlist w’l b out ,& how shall we gate it? Because we follow the above prosses but it took us to different way. It’s showing us “inverlid user name or inverlid pswd.

  61. Please,hearing that the examination is not 10th again, which date now and which side in Lagos.

  62. chi says:

    Tomorrow s 10 am unable to see FTS shortlisted candidates

  63. Rebecca Hassan says:

    Tomorrow is the date line but shortlisted names of candidates is not released yet why?

  64. Doris Essi says:

    Are candidates names already shortlisted?

  65. saleh ya'u says:

    Doe s a short list of fts out, pls notify me my dear

  66. Waihi adamu garba wase. says:

    May almigthy answer our prayer.

  67. Mesaiyete Grace Shade says:

    I can’t check mine help me out

  68. we had already been trusted in God

  69. Grace Agada says:

    Please I can’t access the list

  70. Zakariyya Adam sidi says:

    We have to be notified that when fts shortlist is out?, as well as screening test date by then.

  71. Glory says:

    Please keep me updated on the progress of the ubec exam when the shortlisted candidates will be out, venue for those in Lagos State etiosa local government

  72. Musa Bashirat says:

    Good day all? Today is 12th, Has the list for 2020 applicants been released ?

  73. Abasiama says:

    Please is shortlist is out, if yes what are the steps to check

  74. Abasiama says:

    Please is federal teachers scheme shortlist out, if yes what are the steps to check

  75. I thank God because I sow my Name God bless UBEC and God bless PMB.

  76. Abdulmumin says:

    When the list will be out

  77. Amos says:

    Yes, check

  78. Ahmad Ibrahim says:

    Am from kano wudil local government how can I see my name

  79. patricknanko says:

    to cheke my name

  80. Your Comment please send the message to all the candidate that shortlisted to their phone number it’s will be easy to receive.

  81. Mus'ab bin muhammad says:

    Pls hw shall I gate d shortlist?

  82. chima okorie says:

    I checked if my friends are among the shortlisted ones with my phone I saw their names but they didn’t see their name in list pasted at the asubeb, why

  83. Abubakar Yahaya says:

    We registered but our names are not on the list was this happened

  84. Please guide me on how am I check the list of FTS?

  85. Joy says:

    Please, I need Lagos state UBEC list.

  86. The successful candidate spouse to know trough mail or sms.

  87. Jatau Bala says:

    Your Comment a emoji

    are they not going to send a to a mail?

  88. Pls is my name out help me.

  89. vera says:

    This is very nice program, am afraid is fedral government will leave it for state government

  90. I am obodoeze Veronica ezigbonwa says:

    Please fts admin manager, how can i check my name on the shortlisted page

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