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11 Best Medical Schools in Texas 2022

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Best Medical Schools in Texas 2022 – If you are hoping to pursue a medical profession, Texas is one of the best states to do that. Texas is home to nearly 30 million individuals, hence the need for doctors, nurses, surgeons, and practitioners. Texas has 438 colleges and universities, but just eleven of those schools offer graduate programs leading to a doctorate of medicine (DC) degree.



Best Medical Schools in Texas 2022

Below is a list of the best medical colleges and some being also the best in the whole country.

1. University of Texas at Austin Dell Medical School

This is one of the youngest medical schools in Texas. Dell Medical is only four years old. Even being young, the school has exceptional accomplishments for its age. Dell Med has partnered with Ascension Seton so medical students have ready access to clinical experiences at a well-established medical facility.


The curriculum at UT Austin Dell Medical is exceptional. The first year is dedicated to understanding the essentials of a pre-clinical curriculum.

The second-year includes an 8-week clerkship throughout Austin-area clinics and hospitals. The third year allows students to explore a particular medical interest and help patients throughout Central Texas. By the fourth year, students prepare for the transition into a medical residency.

Although Dell Medical is a young school, it is incredibly selective. In its inaugural year, Dell Medical accepted 50 students out of 5,000 total applicants, giving it a 1% acceptance rate.

2. Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center- El Paso

The Paul L. Foster School of Medicine is a unique institution. Most medical schools do not permit students to do clinical science work until the third year; however, they can begin in their first year at Foster.

It is the first four-year medical school located along the US-Mexico border. Because it’s an El Paso location, all PLFSOM students must learn medical Spanish language skills as part of training. Foster School of Medicine students get unparalleled clinical training in one of the most impressive facilities in all of Texas, the TECHS facility.

TECHS, which stands for Training and Educational Center for Healthcare Simulation, is home to over 24,000 square feet of simulation space designed for experiential medical learning.

The greater Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center in El Paso was originally formed in 1969 as a constituent of Texas Tech University. In 2013, it became a separate institution.

3. University of Texas Medical Branch School of Medicine – Galveston

This is the first medical school in all of Texas established in 1891. The University of Texas Medical Branch received an endowment in 2019 for an unprecedented $560 million, funds used for advancing the healthcare and facilities of this important academic center.

Its campus comprises historic and modern buildings just blocks from the Gulf of Mexico. A total of 900 facility members serve over 3,200 students. The school has also trained one out of every six physicians in Texas.

UTMB is an impressive medical facility; the greater medical branch currently houses 70 buildings, over 2,500 students, and 1,000 faculty members. With its tremendous impact on the health profession throughout Texas and the US, it is safe to say UTMB is a medical school changing the world.

4. Baylor College of Medicine Houston

This is the least expensive private medical school in the country. It is also ranked by U.S. News among the top ten medical schools in the country for primary care. The strength of the college was obtained from its location at the Texas Medical Center in Houston, the world’s largest medical complex.

5. Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Medicine

The Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Medicine has five campuses. All students study on the Bryan-College station main campus in their first year, then later go to one of the five campuses to complete their training.

The five campuses are Bryan-College Station, Dallas, Houston, Round Rock, and Temple. The college enrolls only 125 students each year with 90% of those students coming from Texas.

6. University of Texas, Rio Grande Valley- Edinburg

This is another young medical school, which admitted a total of 50 students in 2016. We are still in the process of obtaining full accreditation. There are a total of 11 departments.

Medical students gain clinical training at several area facilities, including Doctors Hospital at Renaissance, Knapp medical center, McAllen medical center, and Valley Baptist Medical center.

7. Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center- Lubbock

The University of health just recently celebrated its 50 anniversary. The school was opened because of a shortage of doctors in West Texas and it still fulfills its duty today. The four-year program at the University of Health has research and clinical components.

The medical campus is located northwest of the Texas Tech University main campus, so students have easy access to all social, cultural, and athletic events.

8. University of North Texas Health Science Center- Fort Worth

Although the University of North Texas Health Center in Fort Worth has been around for decades, the institute only recently launched a school of medicine in collaboration with Texas Christian University, which was established in 2018.

It began with a class of 60 students who began their medical journeys in 2019. Each student has 12 physician development coaches to help guide their medical education, and the college takes pride in a collaborative approach to learning.

9. University of Texas Southwestern Medical School – Dallas

It is home to 3 academic units, the UT School of health professions, the Graduate School of Biomedical science, and the UT Southwestern Medical School. This school of medicine has an acceptance rate of around 5% and typical MCAT scores in the top 10% of all its test-takers, hence it is very selective.

It offers a range of combined degree programs such as M.D./Ph.D., M.D./M.B.A., and M.D./M.P.H., hence giving students plenty of options to choose from. The school has made it to the top 10 in the U.S. News ranking for primary care.

10. University of Texas Health Science Center- Houston

The University of Texas health science center just like Baylor university of medical school is part of the Texas medical center, the largest medical campus in the world. The School of Medicine has a total of six campuses which are dentistry, biomedical sciences, biomedical informatics, public health, nursing, Anderson cancer center, and the John P. and Kathrine G.

McGovernment Medical School (seventh-largest in the country). The school enrolls 240 medical students each year.

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11. University of Texas School of Medicine – San Antonio

The university has its home at the University of Texas Science Center southwest of downtown. It takes pride in being the largest trainer of physicians in southern Texas, with an annual enrollment of roughly 900 medical students and 800 residents. Its acceptance rate is 8.44% and it is even ranked 52 in the best medical schools.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Best Medical Schools in Texas 2022

What is the average MCAT score for Texas medical schools?

The average GPA of the schools is 3.98 and the average MCAT score is 511. The average acceptance rate is 7.53%.

What are the minimum requirements for Med School?

The minimum course requirements include one year each of biology, general (inorganic) chemistry, organic chemistry, physics, and related lab work for each. Also, about two-thirds require English and about one quarter require calculus.

Why are Texas Medical Schools so competitive for non-resident students?

Texas medical schools prioritize in-state applicants and non-residents make up only more than 10% of matriculants in medical schools in Texas. It is highly competitive for out-of-state students who wish to apply.

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