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Germany Visa/Green Card Lottery Program 2022/2023 – Apply

Filed in Visa by on May 23, 2022

Germany Visa/Green Card Lottery Program is a program that allows all the residents of different countries eligible to take part and get a chance of getting their hands on a visa to travel and become legal citizens of Germany for a stipulated time. 

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Note: Those who want to submit entries for this draw dv-2023 must have their valid passport to enter in to their E-DV Entry. And must meet the education/work experience required by the Diversity Visa Instructions.


Eligibility Criteria

1. Must have born in an Eligible Country. (Check the DV Instructions for more options.)
2. Necessary to have International Passport or must be ready to prove Refugee Status.
3. Should have successfully completed the required Education level. Or work experience.
4. Age must be more than 18.
5. As a selected Winner you must have enough funds to survive in the USA or must have a sponsor person.

New Requirement: All the participants must provide details of their valid International passport in the DV-2023 application form. It is not necessary for their dependants to have their own passports..
The golden rule: No International passport no participation. Stateless people have one option for them (read the DV2023 Instructions).
Main eligibility requirements, birth should had happened in an allowed country to participate in this year’s DV-2023 visa program. Check it here.
An eligible person is allowed to submit ONLY ONE entry as a primary applicant. If try to apply more than one entry all the entries will be rejected.
It is not necessary to be a married person to participate in the draw. If you are a single person proceed to apply as a single person.

Steps to Apply Germany Visa/Green Card Lottery

Step 1: Read the current American Green Card Instructions. (It may be available in many language but the English one is the official one.)
2: If you have all the eligibility and the draw is open to accept entries, get a new digital photo file of yourself, from a studio as American visa photo.
3: Go the Official American visa lottery website.
4: Fill the Captcha code and get the form.
5: Fill all the fields with English letters only. Show the path where your digital photo is located in the PC and submit it.
6: You will be shown with the entered details of yourself. If anything wrong use the special back button to correct them. If everything is ok, press submit button.
7: The screen will display your success page. Get a printout of it or write down that information in a paper, as you will need the confirmation number to check your Selection Results in the coming year. This confirmation number will act as your password to check your results online.
8. Ethiopia and Iran country date of birth of Births can’t be used. Only American style DOB can be used.
9. Don’t try to enter expired passport details in the Application Form. When you submit it, it will be refused by the system.
10. Submit your Entry till you see the ‘Success Page” With your name and “Confirmation Number”. if the website broken, start the process once again.
Apply till you see the “Success Page”.

Now It’s Your Turn

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